The adjustment of an oil burner

The adjustment of an oil burner

Talking about the adjustment of an oil burner, we mean making the right setting so the burner produce the best burning effect it cans, consuming the less oil. This technics should be done by an oil burner technician, a man that has the special equipment needed to measure the burn process.

Facilities in operation

Existing heating plants of homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, or other similar uses that use diesel oil, there is exhaust heat loss, volume by volume of carbon dioxide (CO2). The maximum permissible value of the soot indicator and the exhaust gas temperature are defined as follows:

Buildings that have fixed combustion hotspots with a total thermal power greater than or equal to 400,000 Kcal / h:

  • Maximum permissible value of heat losses with the exhaust gases: 20%
  • Minimum permissible value of the carbon dioxide (CO2) content of the exhaust gases: 10%
  • Maximum permissible value of the soot index: 1 on the Bacharach scale
  • Minimum permissible exhaust gas temperature: 180 ° C.

For buildings with fixed combustion sources with a total thermal power of less than 400,000 Kcal / h:

  • Maximum permissible value of heat losses with the exhaust gases: 20%
  • Minimum permissible value of the carbon dioxide (CO2) content of the exhaust gases: 9%
  • Maximum permissible value of the soot index: 2 on the Bacharach scale
  • Minimum permissible exhaust gas temperature: 180 ° C.

Oil burner adjustment in new installations

For a new oil burner installations that use diesel oil and is going to be installed in new or old buildings:

  • Maximum allowable value of heat losses with exhaust gases 15%
  • Minimum allowable soot index value from 0-1 on the Bacharach scale.

Exhaust gas temperature setting

The thermometer for measuring the exhaust gas temperature should be placed at a distance of about 20 cm from the boiler outlet. The measurement must start when the boiler water temperature reaches 80 ° C. If the exhaust gas temperature is higher than 180 ° C, then change the injector by installing a smaller supply.

If the temperature is lower than the amount of the 180 °C, we make use of bigger injectors. We can make the oil pressure less or more if we are allowed to do so. Of course, if this is a small increase or decrease in the exhaust gas temperature

It is understood that the combustion surfaces of the boiler are clean, because smoke 2 mm thick on the surface of the boiler, increases the flue gas temperature by about 40 ° C.

CO2 regulation

The regulation of the CO2 content of the exhaust gases is done by reducing or increasing the air supply from the oil burner and mixing it with the oil. Thus, if we reduce the fan air supply we have an increase of% CO2 and if the burner operates with excess air then this content is low.

With a little air, however, we have an increase in CO2 but also an increase in the soot index. So before adjusting the CO2 content of the exhaust gas, we must adjust the burner so that we have the allowable soot value. If we achieve this and the CO2 content is low, then we try to achieve the right mix of fuel and air by moving the diffuser forward or backward. CO2 is measured with special instruments.

Air adjustment

The measurement of the soot index in the exhaust gases is done with instruments. High soot content in the exhaust gas means a small amount of air in relation to the combustible material. Adjust the burner air supply so that the soot indicator value is within the allowable limits.

Heat losses

We should know the temperature of the exhaust gases and the CO2 content. Then with the help of a scale, we find the heat loss with the exhaust gases. The lower the temperature of the exhaust gases and the higher their CO2 content, the lower this loss.

Annual Degree of Performance

Perhaps the most important element in a central heating installation is the annual degree of efficiency. This, together with the right choice of boiler power, is a prerequisite for fuel economy. The degree of combustion efficiency or the degree of efficiency of the boiler, do not give a complete picture of the size of fuel consumption. To have a complete picture, we need to know the annual efficiency of the installation.

Annual efficiency

Annual efficiency is the energy (heat) produced by the boiler, minus the exhaust gas losses, the thermal losses of the boiler and the shutdown losses of the installation. That is, the heat we have for space heating and domestic hot water.

  • Exhaust gas losses are the heat we lose from the chimney
  • Boiler losses, is the heat emitted by the boiler to the environment, during its operation
  • Interruption losses are the heat that the boiler loses to the environment and the chimney, while the burner is off
  • Combustion efficiency, is the combustion heat (100%) minus exhaust losses

Ideally, we should have an annual efficiency of 100%, which means that all the energy produced was converted into useful energy. Of course, this is practically impossible because we already have 10% losses from the hot exhaust gases (180 degrees Celsius), which come out of the chimney.

We also have losses from the boiler, the piping, etc. In the best case, the efficiency of the whole installation can be around 86%. Even this value is rarely achieved and only when the installation is new.

High degree of efficiency

In order to have a high degree of efficiency, the followitg are required:

  • Boiler and piping strongly insulated
  • The boiler should not be on standby, to avoid interruption and operation losses
  • High degree of combustion efficiency (over 90%)
  • Small in size boiler, with low water content and according to requirements (not much larger than required)


We should take a careful look at the possible points of loss in a central heating system.  then one will find that it is not at all unlikely that an official survey revealed an average annual efficiency of less than 40%. This means that 60% of the fuel we buy is lost.

Our goal is to get as close as possible to 90%. We can achieve this by buying a modern economical boiler, and a modern oil burner. But have in mind that modern installation alone is not enough. It needs modern perception and knowledge for its proper operation. For example, from a single window that remains slightly open, we have within 10 hours losses, which correspond to about 3.5 liters of oil.

We hope we make our best effort to give you the knownledge that is required for this type of work. Note that in order to have the better results, especially in fuel economy, this is a maintenance that should be done by a technician. This is the right man, having the necessary equipment to perform this kind of tasks.

Gikas painting in Montclair

The guide to proper home painting!

Do you want to paint your house and have questions? Find answers to each of your questions from our professional painters of Gikas Painting in Montclair in the text below!

What is color?

Paint, formerly used as the term paint, is a material usually in liquid form, which when spread on a surface, forms a cohesive, opaque or transparent film that adheres to it. As a result, the paint offers protection to the surfaces and with the various shades, decorates and beautifies them. Protects the surface from damage caused by factors such as sun, adverse weather conditions, humidity, pollutants, dust, mold, rust, chemicals, mechanical stress. It decorates the surface and improves its aesthetic result.
Thus, the paint can in addition to protecting the applied surface:
• To change the appearance and the atmosphere, even to “change” them
dimensions of a space.
• To influence the mood of the people who live and work in it.
• To emphasize and “tie” the other decorative elements together.
• To illuminate the spaces and give them their own special personality.

What are the main components of a paint?

• The carrier – binder
• The pigments
• The additives
• The diluent

What are the ingredients of the paint?

•  The player
The carrier (resin / polymer), is the component that has the greatest effect on the final color quality. The specific type, quality and quantity of the carrier in the paint, determine the following properties of the paint: resistance to weather conditions, dirt and washing, gloss, adhesion, resistance to breakage.
•  The pigments
The paint contains basic pigments such as titanium dioxide, colored organic and inorganic dyes as well as fillers such as calcium carbonate. The basic pigments give the color opacity, resistance to chalk, unchanged shades, while the fillers are mainly used to give volume and reduce the cost. Quality paints contain more basic dyes than fillers.
•  The additives
Additives represent the smallest percentage in the color components, but provide the final indication of the color quality giving desirable properties that would otherwise be missing. Specifically, they identify in the color: rheological properties which are necessary for its correct and easy application, the appearance of the final product, the stability during storage, they prevent foaming both during production and application and improve the drying.
•  The diluent
The diluent, water or organic solvent, helps to create the film of color by evaporation.
The quality of the paint depends on the ratio of its basic components in the final composition of the product, as well as on the specific quality of the individual materials used.

What are plastic paints?

Plastic paints are mainly applied to interior painting walls and ceilings. Excellent plastic paints must have:
• high coverage and efficiency
• very good clothesline
• not get dirty easily
• withstand frequent washing
• have high whiteness and keep their shades vivid and unchanged for a long time
• have a consistent quality

What are acrylic paints?

Acrylic paints are mainly applied to exterior surfaces of plaster or concrete. Excellent Acrylic exterior paints must be characterized by:
• high coverage and efficiency
• high resistance to severe weather conditions and air pollutants
• vivid and unchanging shades high mechanical strength, ie hardness and elasticity
• be certified cool colors.

How are wall and roof sealants used?

Wall & Roof Sealants are acrylic based paints and are used to protect a building from the ingress of water or moisture into it. The main requirements of these products are:
• to ensure the waterproofing of the surface
• remain elastic in frost and high temperatures
• to be applied easily and quickly to have very good adhesion
• be certified cool colors.

What are ripolins?

Ripolines are the most common color category for painting metal and wood surfaces. An excellent ripoline should have:
• high coverage and efficiency
• easy work and good spread
• very good finish
• high resistance to solar radiation and chemical pollution
• high whiteness and vivid and unchanging shades
• be user-friendly and environmentally friendly, lead-free and colorless

What are water repolins?

Water repellents are the new generation of water-based varnishes, user-friendly and environmentally friendly, for painting wooden surfaces and walls. The main properties that Water Ripolins must have are:
• have high coverage
• have very good application properties
• be odorless, which means ideal for indoor living
• have vivid and unchanging shades
• not to turn yellow

What characteristics should anti-rust substrates have?

The painting preparation of metal surfaces requires the application of anti-rust substrates, which must:
• provide strong rust protection
• have strong adhesion, high performance and
• user and environment friendly composition, without lead and chromium

What are wall primers?

Wall primers are the substrates that prepare the surface to accept the final color. Excellent Wall Primers must:
• penetrates the surface and has strong adhesion
• insulates and strengthens the surface
• has very good application properties dries and repaints quickly has a stable quality.

What is velatura?

Velatura is the substrate of varnishes applied to wooden surfaces. The basic requirements for a very good Velatura are to have:
• high coverage very good application properties
• fast drying, easy to rub
• not contain lead and chromium

What is the correct preparation of the surface to be painted?

The surface must be clean, free of dirt, mold, grease, etc., and completely dry.
When it comes to repainting, the surface should be free of any loose or loosely bonded materials and generally those areas where the old paint has lost its adhesion to the substrate should be removed.
Surfaces that are smooth or glossy should be sanded in order to roughen or “break” their gloss. This way we achieve the best adhesion of the paint on them.
All surfaces to be painted must be primed with the appropriate primer recommended in each case.


The efficiency of the primer (for masonry) will be as expected and the service life of the painting system will be extended when the primer penetrates the wall and does not form a crust on its surface. This is achieved by the correct dilution suggested on the package, depending on the porosity of the surface.
Read the basic list of tasks for painting the walls , to be fully prepared for the whole process!

What application tools do I need to paint?

The tools (roller, brush) must be clean and not damaged by old use or multiple uses in the past.
Use the appropriate paint tool for any type of surface.

What do I need to know about paint dilutions before painting?

The dilutions of the materials to be applied must be in accordance with the instructions on the packaging of each product.

What are the best environmental conditions for applying a paint?

The ambient temperature at which it is appropriate to apply a paint system on a surface, should not be less than 5o C and should not exceed 35o C
Avoid painting on days when the weather is rainy and the percentage of humidity in the atmosphere is particularly high (greater than 70%).

What do I need to know about solvents before painting?

Use the recommended solvents, which are perfectly compatible with the color, when it comes to solvent paint.

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9 steps for bathroom renovation by AGS Engineering

9 steps for bathroom renovation by AGS Engineering

A bathroom renovation is the place most homeowners want to renovate first. They are considered one of the most common room renovations in a partial home renovation. The bathroom is the first place we visit in the morning and the last before going to bed at night. It is important, therefore, to be a beautiful and above all clean place.

9 steps for bathroom renovation

  1. Contact us for a free visit to your place, to do the technical inspection and to discuss together the changes you want in your place to satisfy your taste and needs.
  2. We can help you decide on the design and layout of the sanitary ware and furniture, so that you save space.
  3. Even a small bathroom with smart solutions can look great. We can also help you find the style that suits you.
  4. In the bathroom renovation we undertake the technical control in the plumbing, in the heating, in the electrical systems and the drainage. Before proceeding with the work, we locate and repair any points with moisture to avoid future damage.
  5. In the renovation of a bathroom we insist on the good quality of the pipes that we install. That is why the old pipes are replaced if they are not in good condition, so that there is no problem in the connection of the new sanitary ware. This saves you the cost of damage that may occur in the future.
  6. Sanitary ware, tiles and materials can be purchased by you, if you wish. But we can also buy them on your behalf at extremely affordable prices. Our company has many proposals for good quality sanitary ware (sinks, faucets, basins, bathtubs, showers, etc.) as well as tiles, at attractive prices. Our suppliers provide you with a guarantee for the excellent quality of its products and we provide you with a written guarantee for the excellent technical result of our work in your area.
  7. We undertake the dismantling of the old sanitary ware, tiles, piping and their disposal in special rubbish bins.
  8. We can send you a detailed written offer, with complete and clear information about the cost of the work and the prices of the sanitary ware. We have no hidden charges.
  9. Before we deliver the project to you, we do a thorough technical inspection to see that everything is working properly.

Why is bathroom renovation needed?

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of our home, a place of hygiene, relaxation and rejuvenation. That is why it must meet specific conditions, so that it is as functional, comfortable and elegant as possible.

Even if the exterior of our bathroom has the style we like and therefore we do not think about making changes, we should take into account what is hidden behind the tiles and sanitary ware. How old are the pipes? What damage has the sanitary ware and the tiles suffered? The answers to these questions should make you think about the need or not to renovate your bathroom.

Old plumbing and worn-out plumbing and sanitary ware can cause serious operational problems in the future. And you can prevent the damage that will be caused in the future, if you proceed to a pre-planned bathroom renovation that will not be done in a hurry. A renovation brings not only renewal to your space, but also maintenance of the plumbing networks and the entire building.

Bathroom renovation: Quality and low cost

How do economical prices for bathroom renovation combine with the quality result? Undoubtedly with the right choice of the technical team that will undertake the work. Our company can offer you the best quality and practical solutions, at the lowest possible cost, because we have years of experience and many happy customers.

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Small Tips When Carrying out Plumbing Works

Plumbing can be quite overwhelming to an individual that has never ever completed it just before. It can easily lead to a little bit of info overload since of all of the assets available to new plumbers. Underneath are some suggestions to support you in getting all of this data organized to exactly where you can commence plumbing correctly.

On quite cold winter season evenings, enable your taps to trickle marginally, particularly if your pipes are situated in a crawlspace. The running water stops the pipes from freezing as swiftly as they would in any other case. You can catch the drinking water and use it for other household requirements to avoid losing it.

Make sure you know in which your home’s water shutoff is found. You never ever know when there might be an emergency involving a damaged pipe or destroyed connection that demands you to turn off the h2o proper absent. In addition, knowing in which the shutoff is found is important ahead of you start off any plumbing project, in circumstance something goes improper.

If your pipes are prone to freezing, permit the drinking water trickle continually in at minimum a single faucet in the course of climate that is under freezing. This will minimize the possibilities that the pipes will freeze and leave you without having water. If water is constantly running through the pipes and trickling out of a faucet, the pipes are considerably less likely to freeze.

When concerned with plumbing, you require to know what can cause noisy pipes. This is important simply because it can suggest the big difference in between an irritating sounds and flooding in your residence. Do your investigation to distinguish between the diverse noises and retain the services of a professional if any critical danger is posed.

You need to drain all of the water out of the tank of your sizzling water heater at minimum when every a few to six months. Draining all of the h2o out of the tank will help to stop sediment develop-up at the bottom of the tank. This sediment can cause the tank to bang or to warmth much less successfully.

Drain the sediment from the base of your very hot water heater two times a calendar year to keep the very hot water heater functioning at its optimal stages. Just open up the drain valve and let the water to operate out into a bucket right up until the water operates clear. Then shut the drain valve.

Do not dismiss a sluggish flushing toilet. This is generally a signal that something is wrong. It can also cause backups and overflows. The most common brings about of a sluggish flushing toilet are sediment create up, tank malfunctions, or partial clogs. You ought to periodically check for these issues.

Do not use a drain cleaner if you can aid it. Compounds that are ingredients in widespread drain cleaners are very corrosive and can cause pipe injury if overused. Contact a professional if you notice your drain is still clogged up.

Each and every now and then, you need to pour a big bucket of water down your basement flooring drain. This will aid to keep the entice seal full and prevent specified gases from coming up into your property. Also, be positive that you have your ground drain checked by a specialist each few years.

If your rest room has sewage back-up, then there is a block somewhere alongside the department line that connects the sewage and primary lines. If you have trouble getting rid of this blockage, get in touch with a firm that has particular equipment to obvious the line, usually a plumber’s snake.

To make positive there is no accident or unexpected hurry of water when you tackle a plumbing venture, make confident you are prepared for a cleanup. If you go into the work with a enormous stack of towels and blankets ready to take up drinking water, the prospect of needing to actually do it will hold you inform enough to keep away from triggering the accident in the first place.

Do a routine examine around your residence each thirty day period on every and each faucet to make confident there are no symptoms of leaks or drips. Over time, leaks can insert a lot of money to your water monthly bill and will worsen if you do not just take treatment of the problem.

Although it is achievable to do plumbing routines oneself, it is normally not recommended. If you are not confident of what you are undertaking, then you should hire a specialist. This will help to insure you will not make a greater mess of the tiny dilemma that your plumbing formerly experienced.

Never ever consider to undertake a task that you are unsure of. Furthermore, never call on a friend to support you with some thing, if they are not a professoinal. There have been hundreds of very good friendships ruined by a guy proclaiming to know exactly what he is carrying out, when the reality is he is clueless.

Keep an eye on the grout among tiles in your bathroom. View for cracks and regions in which the grout appears to be slipping out, and fix them instantly. Tiny grout crack concerns can be effortlessly fixed by pulling out the bad and placing in new grout. Permit any new grout to dry completely before exposing it to water.

Plumbing is anything that can be accomplished as a interest, or as a way to make some additional cash. If you really feel that your skills have progressed a great deal, then you could contemplate employing it is as a way to supplement your primary earnings by helping out neighbors and co-employees.

When utilizing a kitchen area rubbish disposal, let the water run for a handful of minutes even after you shut off the disposal alone. The ground up squander make a difference created by the disposal exits your property plumbing by means of water force and without having that water, it can sit in pipes and lead to clogs.


How to thoroughly clean your sewer drain pipes

Some helpful tips to clear your blocked pipes

Inside of your property plumbing – αποφράξεις Αντωνίου Πειραιάς – there are independent squander elimination lines that feed directly into a bigger main line that normally takes your waste water away from your home into the sewer method?

Most houses have an under the surface pipeline which carries kitchen sink and rest room waste to the principal line. They are also have a waste line which handles showers and rest room sinks. This indicates there are two options for clogs to kind within the drains prior to the primary line, which alone can be clogged.

How to clear your sewer drain pipes

The 1st element of cleaning a blocked drain or slow sewer drain is to discover what element of your plumbing drainage (apofraxeis) method is blocked.

Sewer jet blasting

It does not genuinely make a difference the place your drainage technique is clogged, all plumbers will say you should not use a chemical drain cleaner to fix a totally blocked drain. To obvious a totally blocked drain you will require some expert plumbing tools and drain cleansing gear like a sewer jet.

A sewer jet will blast absent the blockage and restore the pipes to a good issue. Soon after utilizing a sewer jet, it is usually a excellent concept to examination the integrity of your sewer programs employing a hydrostatic line tester.

If there ended up any presently present leaks in the pipe system sealed up by particles, that momentary seal was washed absent by the sewer jet. The hydrostatic line tester will aid you identify such leaks so you can restore and avoid further harm.

Slow drains: cleaning and unclogging

Often start off from within the home. The entice and entice arm are the very first areas stoppages within drains will arise. Then go to the outside to thoroughly clean out and take away the plug or cap. You can operate a more substantial snake by way of this opening.

If achievable operate chilly water at the identical time (never ever sizzling drinking water) while you are managing the snake. This will moisten the residue and clean the line clean.

Notice: remember to often use a “GFI” in line with the electrical wire to avoid electrical shock (occasionally deadly) once the line is distinct the greatest issue to do is, run a higher stress jet. With h2o jetting you can get rid of all of the rust scales that ended up remaining powering by the cable.

Unclogging hair clogs in the bathtubs & showers

Appear for and acquire the drain adhere. This is a unit bought in the equipment division of your neighbourhood property facilities. There are two types that I have seen.

One sort of drain adhere seems like just a lengthy plastic adhere with a little four-sided comb on the conclude. It has a flat handle on the other stop and is quite versatile and powerful. The other is a white plastic adhere that is flat with barbs managing up both sides.

The two function really properly. To remove the hair, stick the stick into the drain – αποφρακτική εταιρεία στον Πειραιά. Rotate it a pair of occasions and pull it out. It will arrive out with the hair on it. If you have a whole lot of hair it might be quite tough to pull out and can consider some energy!

Recurrent drain cleaning

When a month, pour one particular cup of baking soda, adopted by one cup of white vinegar down the drain. Wait an hour and flush with heated water. The mix fizzles absent most of the build-up within the drains. Performs for shower drains, tub drains and kitchen area sink drains as properly.

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