QWSTION Small Series: Less is More


The Swiss brand, QWSTION, has always been dedicated to sustainable and practical fashion. They produce an array of accessories and jackets, but their true specialty is creating bags. Their designs are timeless and very practical in use. The brand is perfectly suited for the urban traveler, whether they are traveling near or far. Their newest release, the Small Pack, is a modification of their previous backpack design. This smaller and more compact version has been scaled down so it has room for just the essentials. The Small Pack has useful features such as a padded inner compartment, two zippered outside pockets and adjustable backpack straps. It is simple, modern and high quality. The label uses organic cotton canvas fabric in a raw blend, and the bases are made from waxed, vegetable-tanned leather. This design is both environmentally conscious and appropriate for everyday use. The simple but chic bag can be sported for work or leisure. They also released a similar small bag called the Small Tote. This style shares many of the same features for storage, and it has an adjustable strap system that allows the tote to quickly be turned into a backpack. The innovative design makes it ideal for almost any occasion. 


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Front Row at Australia’s Fashion Flash Mob, Melbourne Fashion Week

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

Australia is a wonderfully peculiar place and at times is the ying to the yang of the rest of the world. When other parts of the world ready for winter, Australia warms up in their spring season. This is also the fashion season where avant-garde trends and trendsetters descend on the fashion mecca’s of the world for New York, Paris, Milan, and London Fashion Weeks.  Down under the fashion capital of Australia is Melbourne and during the first week of September, the fashion scene heats up with Melbourne Fashion Week. The season’s hot new women’s and men’s wear were on bold display in a week chock-a-block full of runway shows, city-wide events, and high-style experiences.     

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

Now in its 24th year, Melbourne Fashion Week(MFW) has cemented Melbourne as an international destination for fashion, retail, design and hospitality. MFW has created 150 activities created to promote 300+ designers in a week bursting full of fashion presented in various formats around the city. Beyond the runway there are all types of workshops, talks, parties, exhibitions, films and free fashion experiences.

There is a certain buzz in the air during MFW and this is one city that knows how to put on a haute fashion week to rival the top fashion events around the world. Fashionista’s from around Australia descend on Melbourne to see what’s next as well as to be seen sporting their personal best-in-closet fashion and a chance to get clicked by the paparazzi.

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

A flash mob of fashion of sorts is the series of Fashion Pop-Ups which are Street Runway and Underground Shows that appear around the city. The organizers chose the most iconic area’s around the city and staged Street Runway shows with top men’s and women’s wear designers.  In gritty city areas, the major tourist areas such as Federation Square or the Dockland, models adorned with edgy urban wear strutted during the mid-day hustle and bustle of the city as Melbournians experiences a fashionable disruption to their normal business day.  

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

Another unique display of fashion was the MFW Fashion Capsules. Around the city, curious glass enclosures sprung up in the midst of Melbourne’s condensed pedestrian areas. A series of six glass boxes, the size small trailer, held inside a captivating mix of far-out fashion, digital art and a multi-media display. Think of the display windows of Manhattan’s Sak’s Fifth Avenue taken over by Tim Burton and Edward Scissorhands. Each capsule housed innovative creations by Victorian-based fashion installation, digital and video artists, designers, jewelers, artisans and filmmakers.

Fashion week has a number of wonderful events away from the fashion runways as well that showcase the impact of fashion in our lives. The cross section of visual art and fashion was further embraced with the integration of Fashion and Film with the Australia Film Meets Fashion awards. This event recognized the creators of films who integrated fashion as the film’s centerpiece.  


One look at this year’s winner of Best Independent Fashion Film Winner, The Perfect Parisienne by Spanish filmmaker Roger Vivier, and one can see the impact that fashion can have in film.  The awards line up is similar to what one would find at Cannes or the Oscars with categories such as Best Australian Fashion Film, Best Cinematography, Best Fashion Styling, and People’s Choice Award. 

The Australia Film Meets Fashion awards took place at Melbourne’s tony new hotel, the QT and hosted a cadre of local celebrities and fashionistas who paraded a display of haute couture for the clicking paparazzi in attendance as well as for their own selfies in front of the step and repeat.  

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

Melbourne Fashion Week kicks off with an underground runway, literally, at the Degraves Underpass of the Campbell Arcade with an avant-garde collection of Melbourne Street Fashion runway shows. This, an emerging style known as Melbourne Edge showcased the designs from Dion Lee, Camilla and Marc, and Alpha60 as well as several hot student collections.  

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

One of the more admired collection that is defining Melbourne Street fashion is from local Melbourne label Verner. This season Verner season collaborated with friend and painter Gian Manik to create their collection titled ‘Picture Sequences’ with graffiti sprays, painterly markings, and hand-drawn scribbles are taken from the work of Manik and transformed into beautifully printed garments that ‘fuse creative practices to find a new shared visual language

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

MFW segways from the gritty streets to the posh scene of Melbourne’s historic Town Hall. Steeped in grandeur and the history from the turn of the century nuevo gothic architectural treasure. It is akin to having fashion week in the White House or Buckingham Palace. The landmark was transformed into the likes of New York Fashions Week’s Lincoln Center with a futuristic stage and auditorium seating as Australia’s coolest trendsetters took their place in the coveted front row positions. Throughout the night Melbourne’s fashion lovers sit and see the latest must-buy ready-to-wear looks, couture gowns and next-gen designs. As if watching a tennis match, heads swivel from left to right with as each new dress and model struts around the runway.

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

The closing runway was a hot ticket in order to see the new season trends and must-have pieces. from international retailers such as Left Melbourne, Maje Paris, The Kooples, Zadig & Voltaire, Sandro Paris, Incu and Masons, showing Melbourne’s most revered luxury and international women’s and menswear from the likes of Kenzo, Acne Studios, Vivienne Westwood and more.

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

MFW created a stage for 150 designers to be admired, discovered and purchased. The fashions featured a wide range of designers with styles from “what a hot mess” to “I would look good in that”. But that is what fashion is; one’s woman’s avant-garde treasure is another’s donated asap to Salvos.

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

The talented pool of 300+ designers with admirable showing are too many to mention. Here are a few that are most worthy of mention.

For their resort collection, that as part of the Town Hall Designer Series runways, Aje designers Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest have been fortunate enough to work within the archives of one of Australia’s most prolific artists, Brett Whiteley. The Aje designers transformed his artworks into prints that feature heavily throughout the collection creating wearable artworks that are as unique as their muse.

Exquisite modern womenswear label Arnsdorf are trailblazers. Pushing boundaries within the industry in areas of business practice transparency, sustainability and ethical manufacture. Their current collection was inspired by the study of drapery in marble sculpture, and the idea of fluidity from the structure. Designer Jade Sarita Arnott says ‘it is also an investigation into modern sophistication and codes of dressing. Volume and scale are exaggerated in some garments, while others have a subtle manipulation of form.’

This namesake label, Lee Mathews, which is going on nearly 20 years, has always had a strong signature style. But in a testing time for Australian fashion, Lee Mathews has seen it as an opportunity to inject some new perspective into the brand, whilst at the same time maintaining her strong stance on sustainability and effortlessly chic signature style. Focusing on traditional natural, biodegradable textiles like silks and organic cotton and linens, as well as new technology such as EcoNyl (a fabric made up entirely from waste nylon and recovered fishing nets).  

Melbourne born international superstar Martin Grant showcased his exquisite designs via Melbourne institution: Christine. Known for his elegance and uncluttered modernity, Martin’s collection features precise tailoring mixed with voluminous silk silhouettes will float down the runway in an array of rich metallics and unique fabrics, staying true to Grant’s simple yet spectacular signature style.

In between each runway show, Melbourne’s elite meet behind the velvet rope of the VIP suites ensconced away on the second-floor terrace of the Town Hall. They delight in the details of decadence with delicious canapes and fine wine in a room where food meets fashion. The rooms are filled with everything from oysters to sweets galore and of course Moet bubbles flowing freely. One would easily bet that there were more photos taken in the form of selfies than on the runway as beauties in their own season’s best dress jockeyed for position in front of the venue’s step and repeats.   

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

Fashion is about the industry from fabrics to design to retail and the consumer. Without any of these elements, there is no fashion. Yet the unbridled creativity and talent of the designer are at fashion’s core.  MFW is a place for the latest collections of established designers to be adored as well as a showplace for emerging designers to the discovered. Resort Wear, Street Gear, Far Out to Couture with 150 designers all having their day in the sun at Melbourne Fashion Week. Melbourne is a destination for all seasons, however, for lovers of fashion, MFW is the ideal time to visit the most stylish place down under.

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

Lucas Dawson-Melbourne Fashion Week

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9 Most Gaudy Things We Will Love Forever!

Fashion leads us and often creates inspirations for how to dress, according to our personal taste and style, to make appearances that we like, match us and flatter us!

Because, however, “no fool”, we have to say that even fashion has done some very crazy things, check Galliano‘s designs, so extravagant and weird that ended up many times… ridiculous!

Let us travel you to some of the strangest, grotesque clothes that “sealed” the history of clothing and fashion:

Do you guys remember 90’s logos, or are you too ashamed to admit that you all once loved these gaudy things, and maybe, will always do!

This year we still wear logos. A brand repeats itself one or more times on our body. Previously, we left Calvin Klein’s underwear visible from our jeans, we wore Chanel earrings, and this John Galliano for Dior newspaper print dress, even if you missed one eye, you could see what brand it was, and you could also guess the price…

Now we’re wearing the name of the designer, as Sarah Jessica Parker did, at Met Gala. Sometimes our clothes talk about our personality, like Galliano‘s clothing, without saying words at all. Sometimes we love a lot those who made them… Actually, we do not need any excuse for wearing anything!

Whether it is an indication of wealth or taste, or it is a phase that you feel close to, or it’s just nice pieces we like. It’s part of fashion history and so we honour them!

See 9 of the oldest to the latest branded clothes and accessories that will never die!

1. The Moschino Leather Belt

10- things-love-4ever4

2. Double Chanel Earrings

10- things-love-4ever8

3. Ralph Lauren polo

Ralph Lauren polo

4. The adidas originals Stars

The adidas originals Stars

5. The Hoodie By Air

The Hoodie by Air

6. The dress – John Galliano newspaper for Christian Dior


7. Calvin Klein underwear

Calvin Klein underwear

8. The Kenzo Tigers

The Kenzo Tigers

9. The Pearls in Tom Ford’s T-Shirt

Tom Ford's T-Shirt

I wonder… Worship for logos is here again or has never left?


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8 guidelines for getting shoes that are excellent to your toes

Buying the right footwear is an expense in foot wellness. But how do you find kinds that match properly and provide ample assistance?

Start off with your own toes, and search at what is actually presently in your closet. Stand barefoot on a piece of paper or cardboard, and trace the condition of each foot. Now consider your shoes, one by a single, and place them on prime of the drawing. If you are like most folks, your “comfortable” sneakers will intently match the define of your very own toes.

Discover the sneakers that lead to discomfort. If you happen to be a woman, most of these will be shoes with narrow toes or higher heels. Verify to see if the toe of the shoe is narrower or shorter than your personal toes.

When you are completely ready to exchange some of that uncomfortable footwear, these guidelines can help:

1. Wait until finally the afternoon to shop for shoes — your ft naturally expand with use throughout the working day and may swell in sizzling weather.
2. Put on the very same sort of socks that you intend to wear with the footwear.
3. Have the salesperson measure equally of your feet — and get measured every single time you get new footwear. If 1 foot is bigger or broader than the other, purchase a dimension that matches the more substantial foot.
4. Stand in the sneakers. Make positive you have at minimum a quarter- to a fifty percent-inch of place among your longest toe and the end of the shoe.
5. Stroll all around in the shoes to determine how they come to feel. Is there enough place at the balls of the feet? Do the heels suit snugly, or do they pinch or slip off? Will not rationalize that the sneakers just need to be “damaged in” or that they will extend with time. Locate footwear that in shape from the start off.
6. Have faith in your personal comfort and ease level rather than a shoe’s measurement or description. Measurements range from one particular maker to one more. And no subject how cozy an advertisement claims these shoes are, you’re the genuine choose.
7. Truly feel the within of the sneakers to see if they have any tags, seams, or other material that may irritate your ft or trigger blisters.
8. Turn the shoes above and look at the soles. Are they strong adequate to offer defense from sharp objects? Do they offer any cushioning? Also, get the sole examination as you wander about the shoe retailer: do the soles cushion against influence? Consider to wander on hard surfaces as effectively as carpet to see how the sneakers come to feel.