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Is roofing part of home renovation?

Sometimes people get confused about what specific work is being done in their home and do not understand if roofing is part of home renovation. This is due to the fact that the management body does not adequately inform the people living in the house about what exactly is happening in the common areas. For example, when repairing the roof, it can easily be confused with a replacement. The fact is that the management body does not always notify the citizens about the specific manipulations and it is easy to confuse each other. In addition, few tenants control the process of making roof repairs in their home…

How to distinguish roof repairs from replacement?

A common and widespread case is land improvement works. This activity can be done both as part of a major overhaul and as part of an ongoing one. It is easy to deceive citizens and make them believe that work is being done for those who are more global than has been done in the context of current actions. Both major and ongoing roof repairs are mandatory procedures that must be performed in a timely manner. They allow the house to remain in working order and not only be in a miserable condition for a long time.

If you want your roofing company to carry out all the actions in accordance with the law and to carry out the necessary operations with the house in time, you must know the current legislation and its constant change, to understand that there is a difference between major and current repairs. Know your rights and then no one can violate them. The roof repair is not easy, but necessary. This is a great job that requires a lot of natural and material costs. Sometimes we really want to change the environment, add bright colors, change the design of the roof. This is a serious matter and must be dealt with responsibly.

However, most of homeowners who have undertaken such changes have no construction education and can not properly assess the scale of the work being performed.

Repair is divided into two types:

  • mains
  • cosmetics


Initially, we will try to disassemble each item in more detail and already in the sequence we will understand what the differences are between them. The work involves the replacement of electrical wiring, windows, doors, roofing, equipment, sanding and wall painting, flooring with new coatings. In other words, complete reconstruction of the building, which, in addition, may include renovation.

Basically, major roof repairs are enough for about 20 years, provided the owners take care of the house and constantly make small cosmetic updates.

General repair of buildings includes:

  • replacement of certain components or certain devices due to wear
  • replacement of technical equipment; a number of some instruments increase the degree of improvement of interior spaces (modernization)
  • repair of window sills, planks, slopes
  • selection of a project plan; installation of plumbing, pipes. wall preparation, painting; laying parquet, laminate, tiles
  • roofing and much more. In the provided case, the physical damage of the structure is completely or partially eliminated. The project involves a change of engineering supplies and brings a second life to the building structures.


In turn, the overhaul is divided into subspecies:

  • complex
  • selective


In the first case, the whole building is covered or a separate part, which is significantly damaged and needs urgent renovation. And in the second version, as a rule, only partially replaced certain parts of the roofing that are partially or completely worn out. Overhaul requires the use of only those materials that can fully meet all the requirements for roof reconstruction.

Roofing maintenance

The current roof repair is aimed at transforming the exterior of the building, which previously operated; in this case, no construction is replaced. Therefore, it is much easier to make an estimate and the cost of such work, respectively, is much lower.

Repairs include:

  • installation of doors, skirting boards, slopes
  • plumbing replacement; installation or replacement of switches
  • roof installation (plasterboard or stretch ceiling)
  • wall painting; laying parquet, tiles, laminate
  • small decorative work and so on.


The time spent on current repairs is significantly shorter than in the case of major renovations. In most cases, this is 10-20 days. It is also worth noting the reconstruction. It is mentioned in the article. Generally, these are light, unnecessary jobs. Such is the sure restoration of the spaces with the aim of the external improvement of their aesthetic condition.

Renovation includes painting walls, ceilings, floors, doors, skirting boards, laminate or other flooring and more. Renovation is the modernization of a living space with the help of the latest technologies and techniques. In this case, it is necessary to seek help only from highly qualified Montclair Roofing specialists in New Jersey. Here we are talking about innovations such as underfloor heating, installation of filters, electrical systems, and something like that can only be entrusted to experienced Montclair Roofers.

Basic differences between repair and maintenance

Having become more familiar with each type of work, we will try to identify the main differences between the two modernizations, which, at first glance, differ slightly:

  • current repairs change the appearance of the premises only insignificantly, helps to eliminate minor defects, which include cracks in the wall, peeling of wallpaper, scratches on parquet and many more. Anyone can perform such work; no special knowledge is required for this. The main rule is to equip the right tools (brushes, rollers, glue, glue, sealant). Current repairs require little time and financial investment, as the work is very insignificant.
  • can be restored profitable and fast appearance of living rooms, for example, glue wallpaper, paint the floor and walls, restore windows and doors. This type of exterior transformation of buildings can be applied standard shape where application of finishing materials is not necessary at all, and when necessary (replacement of skirting, floor coverings, roofing, replacement of wallpaper for painting).


The overhaul is the opposite of the current one. And there are some reasons for this.

A major reconstruction and change of the interior and exterior of the premises requires the use of additional constructions. The easy way covers the painting and decoration of walls, the replacement of plumbing and electrical, assembly work … The advanced method includes additional installation of various designs, including decorative (arches, niches, columns). Trust a responsible company better for Montclair Roofing specialist…

Of course, you can do all the work yourself, but only an experienced gentleman is able to comply with all technologies and standards, provide a guarantee for the work done and makes the operation of the premises as safe as possible. It requires much longer repair time, as well as financial cost. The restoration of the spaces takes much longer, but the work is done much better and the period between the upgrades is much longer. In addition to renovation, reference should be made to reconstruction. This is a rather laborious process where painting walls and replacing roofing is not enough. Such projects involve a dramatic change in the appearance of the structure – complete or partial.

Thanks to the renovation, the size and shape of the buildings change. Often, work is done to change the renovation of the building and change the profile of the premises, for example, from an office to a shopping center. An industrial building can be used after a major renovation for a home, retail stores, offices, hotel rooms… In other words, a renovation is a change in the design of a building to increase or decrease or change the target direction.

What will be the final information I will receive?

Apart from the fact that you can demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired, such an experience will be useful if you need to hire workers to perform such roofing repair work. In this case, it is possible, without the help of a specialist, to determine the degree of necessary work and to clearly define the goals that have been set for employees.

Since major repairs will require significantly more labor and material costs than in the case of current changes, being well aware of this issue will help you better plan your budget. In recent years, government agencies, management organizations and homeowners have been facing intense issues related to the maintenance of residential real estate and the implementation of major roof repairs. The importance of the problem is due to the increase of the financial burden of the citizens for the maintenance of communal housing and to a significant devaluation of the housing stock.

Dear readers, our articles talk about standard ways of resolving legal issues, but each case is unique. If you want to know exactly how to solve your roofing problem – contact Montclair Roofing. It’s fast and free!

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Gikas Painting Service in Montclair

Improve the exterior of the house in five simple steps

The doors are worn out, the plaster has started to fall, the color of the walls has lost its shine, the irons are rusty… The exterior painting of your house is not at its best! Is it time to do something about it?

What you will surely know is that the first image plays a decisive role in every level of our life, whether it is the acquaintance of a new person or the entrance of our house. Especially if you are thinking of renting or selling your home, you will have to make some small improvements, if you want its appearance to win the best of impressions, at the very first glance. In Gikas Painting Service in Montclair  we identify some key points in the exterior of your home that will help you to change its image easily and economically and gain ground in the battle of renting and selling.

Take care of the walls

The exterior walls are one of the first elements that you and every visitor notices when he arrives at your home. Even the most beautiful colors can not stand out when they are worn or dirty. You may not, however, need to repaint the wall to regain its lost luster. Maybe it’s just time to do a good cleaning, to give light again to the exterior of your home.

Paint the front door

The door is the first thing you see before entering your home. So, if time has not treated her in the best way, you should take care of either the change or its repair. If you are not willing to spend money to replace your old, worn front door, then you should definitely paint it.

Rub and paint the skirting

The skirting board, in case you did not know it, is that narrow, horizontal strip that covers the bottom of the wall and separates it from the floor. In addition to their functional roles, skirting boards also play a very important role in the external appearance of the house. With a simple scrubbing and painting, your home will gain many years of youth externally. This little treatment on your wall, is sure to win the impressions.

Put green outdoors

The most economical way to give a refreshing air to your home is to let the power of nature do it for you. If the plants on your balcony or garden are untidy or withered, the exterior of your home will definitely not cultivate the most positive emotions. Put greenery and colors outdoors, planting beautiful flowers and shrubs and you will immediately see the changes.

Repair pergolas and awnings

Especially if you live in an apartment building, you will know how important the care of the terrace is for the view of the house from the street. Torn awnings and faded pergolas, no doubt, create a very bad image for both you and the visitor or prospective tenant who will see them. If it’s time to repair awnings or pergolas outside your home, no more procrastination.

5 Exterior home colors that win impressions!

Color plays a crucial role in our lives. That is why we pay so much attention to the colors that surround us, whether it is the clothes we wear or the decoration of our home. Some relax us, others fill the space with energy, while there are some that can even help us concentrate. While we spend a lot of time in the interior design of our space, we are rarely concerned with the exterior colors of houses.

Rarely will you see the exterior painting of a house go beyond white, off-white or gray. Maybe because it is a big expense and a task that is done much less often than painting the interior walls, we are afraid to get away from the classic options. This is a safe choice that you will not regret in the long run. Today we will see some timeless exterior wall colors in photos to decide which one would best suit your home!

1. Exterior walls in white color

As in all other aspects of our lives, so in the facade of the house, the exterior colors of the walls play an extremely important role in the first impression that one will create. And this is because they form our first image of the house. White is one of the favorite exterior colors of houses in our country. Classic, clean, neutral, it is quite difficult to create negative impressions. As white, however, gets dirty easily, you should take care of it at regular intervals so that it always looks great.

2. Exterior wall paints in ocher tones

The shade of sand is another timeless choice if you are looking for exterior colors of houses with timeless value. On the plus side we have to note that it matches any style of decoration you want to give to your home. Whether you choose traditional wooden frames or you prefer modern aluminum frames, the colors that move in ocher tones will “tie” perfectly with the exterior of your home.

3. Exterior house colors in shades of salmon

Salmon and faded pink are a very special choice for painting the exterior walls of a house . They travel us to the South of Italy and give an air of luxury to the appearance of the house. Since this is not an option that we encounter every day on the streets of our country, you should consider whether these colors can be harmonized with the external environment and the landscape of your neighborhood. If you live in a coastal area or in the mountains, salmon will definitely win the impressions. You can even try a special wall style, such as the Italian “spugnato” .

4. Paints for exterior home painting in light gray

Gray is one of the top colors on the market for both exterior and interior painting of a house. If you are looking for a color that can be easily combined with all types of windows, with the surrounding area but also other elements, such as stone and wood, then light gray is the best choice. Combines beautifully with wooden pergolas and stone details on the exterior walls.

5. Combination of colors in the exterior painting of the house

If you do not want to limit yourself to just one color in the exterior painting of your home , the best solution is to combine them. You can paint one side of the wall in a light shade and the other in a darker one. To emphasize elements of the space, such as columns, eaves or shutters, choose opposite shades. If the wall has a light shade, for example, choose a darker shade for other elements of the space. Ideally choose light shades for the sides of the house that see the most sun.

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Gikas roofing in Montclair

What are the 3 most popular types of roofing?

The 3 most popular types of roofing is the pitched roof, quadruple roof and single pitched roof. Roofs can have one or more levels to the vertical sides of buildings, remember that they must always be sloping. The levels must protrude from the outer vertical surface of the perimeter walls and form what we call frames, so that the rainwater flows to the ground and of course away from the masonry of the building. The levels that shape the roof are arranged in different ways, but mainly depending on the shape of the floor plan of our building. This is a basic choice that directly affects the functionality and aesthetics of the building and its budget.

What is a roof?

When we refer to the roofs we mean roofing constructions, they are made of sloping levels so that it is possible to quickly remove rainwater and especially snow and of course they must be constructed evenly so as to reduce the risks of water passing, or humidity, noise etc.

In general, by the general title roof we do not mean only the load-bearing structures of the sloping roofs of the buildings, but also their waterproof coatings, as the main material is usually the tiles, other materials are concrete slabs, metal sheets or even other materials.

Wooden tiled roof

Usually the wooden roof is used when the owners want to “take out” an attic or it is generally used for design and construction convenience. The roof of your home is a key part of your home providing protection from rain, snow, sleet, hail, and sunlight and heat. Do this completely, the roof must be tightly sealed against water and weather conditions in Montclair.

Roofs need to be hard and durable, but they need to be flexible enough to handle all kinds of weather and any factors that come up above the location of your home. It is ideal that the roof is fireproof. There are many types of roofing, varying in design, materials used and more. Typically, a roof consists of the roofing material used for the main roof, the frame where the will is attached, and other aspects and components. Constructing or repairing a roof can be very simple or a very complex task, it will depend on the design and finish of your roof.

What is the angle of inclination of a roof? That when a roof has an inclination of 20% when the angle formed by its inclined planes with the horizontal plane has a tangent of 0,2, that is, it is equal to the acute angle of a right triangle, the opposite side of which will be 0,2 on the other vertical side.

Tiled roof, what is it?

What does it consist of and what is the construction of a tiled roof? On the roofs the load-bearing structure consists of trusses, i.e mesh beams of suitable shape, which are placed parallel and form a grate. On the main grate, i.e on the sloping sides of the trusses, are placed simple wooden beams (rafters), which sometimes with other perpendiculars to the previous ones (rafters) form a grate with smaller openings. Where ridge lines (grooves) or groove lines are formed (grooves or derides), the basic trusses of the roof are combined with semi-mixed or false-jointed or replaced by them.

It is usually a sloping roof of buildings made of a wooden base on which the tiles are placed. Covering the roof with a tiled roof has been a traditional way of covering for centuries. The tile as a material has many advantages, it is impermeable to water but at the same time it is breathable, it is non-combustible and has a large capacity of radiation and external temperature.

Most houses in the high-altitude areas, where it usually snows in winter, are covered with a tiled roof, the sloping roof helps to remove the snow and to insulate the building. Tile roofs are found mainly in detached houses or small buildings, and it also stands out in terms of construction in gabled, single glazed. etc.

Tile roof insulation, what should we look out for?

Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. Works either above or below polystyrene insulation. It goes without saying that the more correctly placed, the more it will protect our roof. It can and must be completely laid on the outside, i.e on top of all the wood, in this way we will have complete protection of the wood.

Thermal insulation and ventilation of the tiled roof, what should we pay attention to? Ventilation of the entire structure must be ensured. Although polystyrene is unaffected by water vapor, however the elements of the wooden construction can corrode in case of poor insulation. The membrane has a water vapor permeability coefficient <0.1m allowing the water vapor to pass unimpeded through it, almost as if it were not present.

How should the film be placed?

The membrane always extends from the right to the left, always from the bottom up and of course parallel to the top. The printed marks of the company we have chosen as a supplier must always be visible. The glossy gray strip that covers the glue for joining the rolls together should always be at the top of each roll. Each subsequent roll must be placed to cover exactly this strip without waves and wrinkles and without of course at this stage to glue the self-adhesive seams.

What is mechanical support?

The mechanical support, the so-called nailing is done at the top and specifically in the zone that will be covered by the self-adhesive strip of the upper membrane. The adhesive strip is therefore always in the lower membrane, the lower membrane, when placed. Next is the top layer of film that presses like a tile on this adhesive zone. No matter how many nails it receives, even if it is removed after the nail, it will heal itself, always remaining tight.

Self-adhesive stapling With the simplest self-adhesive stapling, a breathable but windproof shell is created. So the cold wind can no longer affect the thermal insulation. The difference in wind pressure on the tiled roofs creates a very strong current which, apart from cooling, brings 1000 times more moisture than the outgoing water vapor. In addition, the membrane prevents the accumulation of dust brought by the wind.

What is the Safety Ventilation Zone?

If conventional thermal insulation materials are used, e.g. slabs of polyurethane, stone wool, polystyrene, etc., which are all vulnerable, in such constructions we take care of a 2nd zone (shell) of ventilation internally so that any internal water vapor condensation evaporates behind the dam.

How is typical roofing construction done?

  • Visible or blind.
  • The roof is lined with robotic pine boards with a cross section of 14-28 mm.
  • Roofing pole is made of solid or glued wood (the cross section is proportional to the loads of the roof).
  • The roof is finished with beams or blinds.
  • Pine roofing 16mm, impregnated (Alternatively 12mm or 18mm).
  • Membrane – water vapor barrier.
  • Styrofoam 50mm.
  • Stone wool.
  • Windproof membrane.
  • Scratching with logs 60 x 40 mm.
  • Greek or Roman type tiles (Swedish type alternatives).
  • Roof window (if required).

What should you pay attention to and demand in the restoration or in the construction of a new roofing?

The right substrates in 3 general categories:

  1. The continuous (sliced) substrates: e.g. from OSB panels, plywood or rabotwood.
  2. Discontinuous substrates: scissors or payers.
  3. Thermal insulation panels.

Other additional film selection criteria:

  1. Is the roof warm or cold?
  2.  Is the roof ventilated or non-ventilated? Remember that when we say ventilation we refer to the gap between the membrane and the thermal insulation layer.
  3. The slope of the roof. The smaller the slope, the more functional and efficient the membrane should be.
  4. The type of overlay element. For example, when we have bituminous tiles, the far better choice is an SBS, self-adhesive, elastomeric, bituminous film.
  5. New roofing construction or restoration? The choice is yours.
  6. The distance between the scissors. Affects the mechanical properties of the membrane. In some countries the membranes have to go through the so-called “steptest”. The membrane must hold the weight of the craftsman if it accidentally presses between the scissors.
  7. Can the tile roof be used on laminated substrates? Or is it prone to the “tent phenomenon”.
  8. Resistance to water penetration. To which of the three classes does the membrane belong?
  9. UV resistance. For how many months can the film remain in the sun without being irreparably damaged?
  10. Is the membrane expandingly stable? This has e.g. to do with the behavior of the membrane around the support nail.
  11. Flexibility in the cold. Critical parameter for areas with low temperatures.
  12. Resistance to high temperatures. Extremely critical in cases of insufficient ventilation and hot climates.
  13. Mechanical strengths of the membrane. As e.g. tensile strength, tear resistance around the nail, etc. Critical parameter in areas with strong winds.
  14. Anti-slip. Safety when the film is placed on laminated substrates.
  15. Combination of the tiled roof membrane with a reflective barrier.
  16. Membrane behavior in case of fire.
  17. Smells. Many membranes emit unpleasant odors especially in case of high temperatures.
  18. Can the membrane be food for rodents?
  19. Durability over time. What is the average expected functional life of the membrane?
  20. Repairability. How easy is it to repair the membrane in case of injury?
  21. Noise due to air. Many membranes are made in such a way that in case of strong wind they produce very annoying noises.
  22. Physical characteristics such as weight / m2, thickness, roll dimensions.
  23. Vapor permeability.

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Montclair home painting

Home painting: How to choose the right color for the living room

Perhaps the most demanding step in painting a house is to choose the right color for each room. What color matches your furniture? How will it look on the wall? Will it be bright or hazy? These and other questions are just the beginning. If, in fact, you open the list of colors, most likely you will panic more, since the shades are literally thousands. Do not panic! There are ways to solve which color is ideal for your living room, without having to try all the colors on the walls.

Montclair Painting offers a wide array of home painting solutions to restore, refresh, or renovate your interior and exterior home. The highly trained painters can provide painting services for your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, attics, entryways and many other areas. Let’s see the process for home painting below.

Get inspired by magazines

There are lucky ones who know in advance what color they want to paint their space. Most of us, however, are somewhat lost in the beginning and do not know where to start.

The solution is to start looking at professional photos from decorating magazines. There you will get a first idea of ​​how the colors look on the walls, how they tie in with the furniture and how they contrast.

Thus, you will be able to come up with some basic compositions depending on the furniture you have, the size of the room, the amount of light, etc.

Watch out for home painting combinations

However, no matter how much you study the magazines, you will not find exactly what you are looking for home painting. No photo will have exactly the same colors of furniture, carpets and decorations as your own one.

So the next step is to study the home painting combinations better. The color wheel shows you which colors are complementary, which are contrasting and which do not match at all.

The rule says that there should be complementary shades in home painting, but at the same time a painting contrast should be achieved that better highlights the decoration.

Choose the shade for home painting

Once you have reached the colors, it is the turn of the choice of painting shade. Whether it will be darker or brighter depends on your taste, the color of the furniture and of course the size of the living room.

In a small living room, it is good to choose lighter painting shades. It is good, however, to have a contrast with your furniture. So, if these are light in color, then you can go for a slightly darker shade. This does not need to be done on all the walls, but it can be done on only one, so that there is contrast and the space does not weigh too much.

How to choose the right color for home painting?

Definitely, the Montclair painter should first paint a small part of the wall, to see how the paint really looks in your space. Are you having a hard time finding the right color for home painting? Ask Montclair painting experts to advise you and suggest original styles that will take off the style of your living room! High-quality paints and industry leading techniques ensure you receive an exceptional finish. The living room of a house needs renewal after one or two years, in order to be transformed into a paradise! Montclair painters  can easily, at the best market price, paint the walls of your house. Trust Montclair Painters in New Jersey and surrounding areas for professional home painting services.

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10 Ideas to choose color that matches a wooden floor

10 Ideas to choose color that matches a wooden floor

Wooden floors is a popular choice for most homes. The wood in the decoration gives a warmth and a timelessness to the rooms where it is placed. Especially in the living room and bedroom, it is very possible to see a beautiful wooden floor.

Wondering what wall color matches a wooden floor? Do not despair! We are here to suggest you the 10 top shades that match the wooden floors perfectly.

What wall color matches a wooden floor? Top 10 ideas!

1. White wall paint with wooden floor

One of the most classic and minimal combinations that you can find in most homes, is the white color on the walls. The white color will illuminate your home, while it is easily combined with any shade of wooden floor, from the darkest to the lightest.

2. Black wall paint with wooden floor

If you want to give a modern and rock note to your space, then do not hesitate to paint your wall black. Black can be the perfect shade for a wooden floor and is a choice that will surely motivate you to become more creative with your home decor.

3. Gray wall color with wooden floor

Another very classic but at the same time very modern option is to combine your wooden floor with a gray wall. Gray is a neutral color that can take off the style of your home. Try to combine the gray color on your wall with a gray shade on your wooden floor and the result will impress you.

4. Brown wall color with wooden floor

Perhaps one of the best choices you can make when you have a wooden floor and want to paint your wall, is brown. Brown is a very warm shade, which will go perfectly with any wooden floor if you have chosen.

5. Beige wall paint with wooden floor

A very popular choice for houses with wooden floors is the beige wall. Beige is a fairly easy color that can be ideally combined even with wooden floors in darker shades.

Tip: For each wooden floor there is the appropriate shade of beige that fits.

6. Orange wall color with wooden floor

Orange is a vibrant color that adds vitality and enhances the feeling of warmth created by the wooden floor. For a natural and timeless result, try painting your wall in more earthy shades of orange that lightly brown and you will give another mood to your space.

7. Green wall paint with wooden floor

Green and coffee are a combination that comes straight from nature. If you want to create a more tropical atmosphere in your home, then do not hesitate to paint your walls in shades of green. It will combine perfectly with the wooden floor.

8. Dark blue wall color with wooden floor

If you want to feel a sense of calm and relaxation again when you enter your home, then an ideal shade for the walls is dark blue. It will give a more serious style to your space while it fits perfectly with any shade of wood you like.

9. Blue wall color with wooden floor

Blue is a cool color that will bring a more summery mood to your home. It is a very bright and cheerful shade of blue that will give an island air, especially if combined with lighter wood shades.

10. Purple wall paint with wooden floor

Purple is considered a classy color that exudes luxury. Definitely a special suggestion to paint your wall. If you decide to combine the wooden floor with the purple color, then it would be best to switch to darker shades, such as plum. Such an option will give a particularly elegant result.

We hope we helped you with your question what wall color matches a wooden floor. If you want to paint the walls of your house without fatigue and effort, contact Montclair Roofing & Contracting.

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carpentry-work-in-your-houses/ ‎

Carpentry work in your houses

Carpentry work in your houses

In this article we will look at the possibilities we have regarding carpentry in home renovations. There are many jobs that require carpentry when it comes to renovating a home or business. as well as the materials are many. when the customer requests wooden construction then we can choose not only solid wood but also chipboard, MDF or even melamine.

If we want to have the maximum quality then the best and best choice is solid wood. in different cases when you take me it starts and asks for a cost reduction then we can go to some lower options such as the ones we mentioned above, namely chipboard or melamine.

Solid timber in home renovation

The solid wood gives the owner of the renovated house the feeling that he now lives in a palace, in a palace. The quality solid wood gives the space the style and the feeling that we are entering a luxurious apartment.

An apartment with solid wood frames will look at least ten years younger when the renovation of the house is completed. We want the perfect result in every renovation work we undertake. We choose solid wood to offer the homeowner the perfect result. You can read more in our article that tells us about solid wood in home renovation.

Why should you choose solid wood?

The most important reason for choosing solid wood is the superiority of the genuine over the imitation. It is the overwhelming superiority of natural wood over synthetic. This parallel says it all. Do you understand why you should choose solid wood?

We all want to have the best quality in our home. Only sawn timber can give us this effect. Either we are talking about the kitchen doors, or we are talking about the frames on the interior doors. But also when we refer to the carpenter who will make the furniture of your house then we recommend to choose solid wood.

What is solid wood?

Strange as it may seem to you, many do not know exactly what solid wood is. And we have to explain quite often what the phrase means. Solid wood is synonymous with sawn wood. By this term we refer to solid wood which is a single piece and can be used as is for carpentry work. When the wood is solid, i.e solid, then it retains all the advantages of natural wood.

This is, after all, the reason why very often solid wood is explicitly and explicitly demanded and not any other type of wood. Also the real suppliers of genuine sawn timber are few. We work with the top part. Here you can go to the website of one of the leading distributors of solid wood.

Carpentry in your home renovation

In a home renovation there is often a need for carpentry. The most common of the carpentry works of a renovation are the kitchen doors. Another common renovation job that requires a carpenter is the frames on the interior doors. The choice of solid wood completely takes off the overall final result in each house that is undergoing renovation.

Many homeowners prefer solid wood doors for kitchen renovations. If a home renovation is taking place it is a pity to leave out the kitchen renovation. Every day man wants to eat and necessarily spends many hours in the kitchen room. He obviously wants to feel comfortable.

That is why we recommend solid wood in kitchen renovation. In case the living room is an open space with the kitchen we have an additional reason to use solid wood for the doors. Guests of the house will see your kitchen very often. Sawn wood guarantees the best image of your cabinets. It is inconceivable not to use solid wood if you want the perfect result for the renovation of your kitchen.

Kitchen renovation with Kitchen renovation with Italian wood kitchens

The absolute top choice to put in the kitchen renovation are our offers in Italian cuisines. even more top is to choose Italian wood kitchens. Heavy wood constructions will allow you to have the perfect kitchen. We work with the leading Italian companies and we are able to have offers in Italian cuisines with excellent quality.

When the kitchen is made of solid wood then it will have the maximum duration in time. here to add that the solid wood in your kitchen will give an image of extremely luxurious and expensive construction. in the offers you can see a wide range of Italian cuisines.

Solid wood in the closets

Another part of the house where we recommend the use of solid wood are the closets. Imagine a wardrobe made of real solid wood with brake mechanisms that prevent it from hitting one wood on top of the other. we are essentially talking about the ultimate construction. Solid wood wardrobes will be a jewel for your bedroom. When one enters his bedroom he wants to feel that he is in a very familiar and very own and very personal space.

The hottest material for this purpose is solid wood. To complete the proposal for a bedroom made of solid wood on the floor and solid wood in the closets will be the top point of the house from which you will never feel like leaving.

Home refurbishment

It is your requirements for the renovation of your company, Gikas Painting is able to complete the project with the best specifications. Whether you want to play with economy in mind or with luxury in mind, we have the right choice. We have the super luxury renovation packages but we also have the simple luxury renovation packages. All packages meet the quality standards so that you can have your home for many decades without requiring any repairs.

Because for us this means quality work on renovations. Basically what we do is the reconstruction of the house so that you can enter a brand new newly built house. For us, renovation and reconstruction are synonymous. This imposes on us the consistency towards the owner of each house that we undertake to renovate. This is for us at Gikas Painting, the home renovation experts.

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Dangers of Sewer System Backups

Sewer system backups are not foreign to many homeowners but they need to be seen as far more serious than a mere annoyance. When your sewer system backs up – ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ ΠΕΡΙΣΤΕΡΙ , liquid and solid waste both back up into your house, entering pipes that were never meant to hold waste. When this happens, it can release toxins and bacteria into your kitchen sink pipes, bathroom sink pipes, even back up into your washing machine!

If you’re smelling something bad coming from your pipes, you’re actually inhaling the bacteria and toxins that are coming up through your pipes from a sewer system backup. As gross as that is, it also poses a significant health hazard that must be remedied as soon as possible, as you really do not want any sewage caused diseases. 


The impact of sewer system backups

Every pipe in your house connects at some point to a large pipe that drains all of your excess water and waste into the city sewer system. The mainline that leads away from your house is the sewer line.

When there is a blockage anywhere from the pipes which lead into the sewer line or in the sewer line itself, you’re going to be dealing with a sewer system backup. This primarily means that when you flush your toilets, the waste has nowhere to go and will back up into other areas of your plumbing.

Sewage can back up into any pipe connected with the main sewer line including your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and even washing machine connections! Sewer backups are not only harmful to your health but potentially damaging to the rest of your plumbing, you must always prepare for sewer backup emergencies.

Reasons for sewer system backups

There are several reasons for clogged sewers and, unfortunately, many of them need a professional to fix. Clogs are the easiest possible reason to fix. When a clog gets trapped in the pipe, it prohibits water and waste from draining into the connecting sewer pipe. A plumber can find the clog and push it through, opening up your pipe to again drain properly.

A more complicated reason for sewer system backups is due to tree roots forming inside the pipes. When this happens, water and waste flow can be obstructed or cut off completely. Only a plumber is able to adequately fix this issue and repair work should never be attempted without proper equipment and training.

How to prevent sewer issues

Proper maintenance of your plumbing system is the most important thing you can do to prevent clogged drains, pipes, and sewer systems. By having a plumber come and regularly clean your entire pipe system, they’ll be able to prevent tree roots from taking hold inside your pipes.

It is always better to employ steps of prevention than waiting until you’re experiencing drainage issues and need to fix pipes that have roots inside. Once tree roots take ahold of a pipe inside, if left too long, the pipe will need to be replaced altogether.

If you’re experiencing issues due to clogging, there are several steps you can take to ensure your system flows freely. First, be sure you’re only flushing toilet paper down your toilet. Even items listed as flushable shouldn’t be used, as your pipes were not meant to flush anything other than toilet paper. And this is the simple secret to preventing sewer backups. 

Sewage backup health risks

Sewage carries toxic viruses and bacteria. Likewise, it can carry toxic substances like pesticides, fungi, and protozoans. There are more than two million sewage-related illnesses each year. Contaminants in sewage water are harmful and even toxic to humans and animals. Therefore, deal with sewer clogs immediately.

Sewer backup symptoms

If you notice water bubbling from other drains, this is a clear sign something is wrong with your sewer line. Are you running the washing machine and hear a gurgling in the kitchen sink? Do you notice water in the basement after you take a shower? Take note of these symptoms and call a licensed plumber to take care of the problem. 

Foul smells

Stenches are also a clear sign something is wrong, especially if the smells linger. Odors indicate sewage isn’t draining properly, and could potentially be coming in through your drains, which is a major health hazard. 

Slow or still water around drains

Does water take a while to drain after a shower or a bath? Do you notice sitting water around drains? If so, a sewer line clog is a likely cause.

What causes water sewer backups

According to the Civil Engineering Research Foundation, the number of sewage backup incidents is increasing at a rate of about three percent. This is considered an alarming number by experts in this field. While not all basement flood damage is due to sewage backup, there are some main culprits. These include:

Tree roots in sewer line

As they seek moisture and nutrients from organic material, tree roots wiggle into service pipe joints and cracks. These tree roots in the sewer line quickly grow into a major clog and sometimes, destroy the pipe. If you have (or your neighbor has) mature trees or those with invasive root systems, watch out for this problem. Usually, a camera inspection is the first step to verify if tree roots in the sewer line are the source of the problem. The tree’s owner is commonly responsible for the cost of clean up and repair.

Pipeline combinations

Some municipalities combine stormwater and raw sewage pipelines. During heavy rainfall, the volume exceeds the pipe system’s capacity. As a result sewage backup flows into basements and other low-lying drains.

Blockages in the sanitary main

Occasionally, there’s a blockage in the city’s sanitary main. Typically, the symptoms present slowly over time. If you suspect seepage around your basement’s floor drain, for example, request a licensed plumber from – Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου. May to assess the problem and any damage. If, however, sewage water enters your home rapidly, report the problem immediately to your public works office.


Old sewer systems

In a study performed by the American Society of Civil Engineers, (ASCE) they rated the wastewater systems in the U.S. with a D+ and drinking water a D. Why? There are more than 800,000 miles of public sewage pipes in the U.S. and the majority of water mains and pipes were laid in the early to mid-1900s. With a projected lifespan of 75 to 100 years, several are already crumbling.

Sewage backup fix

Sewage camera inspection

First, a licensed technician performs a camera inspection. During a camera inspection, the plumber feeds the line through the main sewer line. The camera captures video of the inside of your sewer line. With a transmitter to pinpoint the location of a blockage, our licensed plumbers confirm the exact location of and reason for the sewage backup. This process eliminates the need for guesswork which saves time and money.

Discuss options

Once our plumbers assess the problem through a camera inspection, they provide you with options for repair and/or replacement. We work with you to select the best option for your home, health, and wallet.

Sewer line replacement

There are two options for replacement: traditional trenching and trenchless repair.

Traditional trenching

Otherwise known as the “open cut” or “trench” method, traditional trenching requires a backhoe or other heavy machinery to open the work area. This allows our technicians to access the damaged portion of the pipe. This may be a large disruption of your yard, but it may be less expensive for you. We make every effort to keep the area as clean as possible while working.

Trench less repair

Also known as a pipe bursting or no-dig excavation, this method causes less damage to your yard than traditional trenching. Instead of opening up the entire area, our technicians open a small access hole where the damaged parts start and end. Then, they use a hydraulic machine to pull a replacement pipe through the old path. This method costs more but causes considerably less damage. They may end up saving you money in the long run.

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What is the Cadastre Survey in Greece?

What is the Cadastre Survey in Greece?

The development of Cadastre (Cadastral survey) at a region is defined as the treatment of taping the real property or other registrable civil liberties (e.g. full or limited possession, pre-notification or other real estate encumbrance, etc.). This survey an individual or a legal entity has on real estates of a details area of the country and also the link of these rights to a particular residential property or residential properties, as the latter are defined as well as shown, after being inspected and also technically refined, on cadastral layouts.

On videotaping a real property right, a series of lawful information (register as well as ID details of the recipient, method of procurement of the right, information of the action with which the right was obtained, and so on) are likewise videotaped. Furthermore, land parcels are illustrated on cadastral diagrams in outright accuracy with details node coordinates that describe the Hellenic Geodetic Reference System (EGSA ’87), specific boundaries and property areas.

Consequently, the cadastral survey procedure targets at collecting, handling and recording residential property and other registrable rights per building yet additionally at gathering as well as processing details that enable the most precise possible depiction of land parcels on cadastral representations.

More details about Cadastre Surveying

In 2008, Cadastre Survey begins in 107 urban Communities of the nation. The 2/3 of the populace of the nation are associated with the treatments of the Ktimatologio SA.

The general public can be educated in detail through the ‘Online Search Engine of Regions” regarding the cadastral survey phase for their region, as well as about the appropriate deadlines for submitting of affirmations or sending of adjustment applications as well as charms, for both brand-new and previous programs.

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3 Ways to Safeguard Your Outswing Front Door

Out-swinging doors could seem quite safe and secure, however they have some significant flaws that can serve as very easy entry points for break ins.
One benefit of an exterior door is that it can not be force kicked to open up as a result of the door structure. However the exterior door hinges can develop protection issues. They can be adjusted by utilizing a screwdriver to pop the pin out easily, and afterwards the safety door can be removed as well. A weak door lock can be an additional safety worry similar to in instance with any type of various other door.

Considering that the majority of safety and security tools are geared toward safeguarding inward opening doors, it can appear almost difficult to locate ample solutions for securing outswing doors. However there are some solutions that address these problems and also are actually quite affordable.You can secure an exterior opening door by using a safety bar or a broom stick, or connecting a rope, power cord or belt on the door take care of and also a hefty furniture piece. By doing so, any person attempting to pull the door open will need to pull the furnishings or the security bar. Breaking either one is very not likely.

However the main problem is securing an outside opening door when you’re going outside if it’s the only door you can make use of So we need to look at some long-term structural solutions too. Having said that, below are the most effective outswing door safety and security techniques as well as tools you can make use of.

The Door Knob and Deadbolt Don’t Go Far Sufficient Into The Door Frame

In most cases, the closing latch on your door handle and the deadbolt lock, if you have one, only go between 1/2 and 1 inch into the door frame. And the timber on a common door framework simply isn’t that durable. There is a steel plate on your door frame that the lock enters into. However in almost every instance, that steel plate is connected to the door frame with 3/4 inch screws. Which indicates that the plate is likewise just attached to that thin wooden door frame.

This makes a great deal of front doors actually easy to kick in. Simply take a look at the image as well as see just how that wood simply divided.

So what can you do about it?

The easiest and most inexpensive service is to change the screws in those steel plates. Take the short screws out one at a time, and also replace them with 3 inch long screws. These longer screws will certainly go all they way through the studs that frame in your door. Making it a lot harder to kick in. That will definitely aid.
If you actually wish to make it secure, take into consideration including a longer metal plate. Someone can kick all day and also they’re not going to appear that.

Your Door Hinges Are Just as Weak

The trouble we identified with the deadbolt lock likewise applies to the joints. Luckily business are beginning to use a minimum of 1 longer screw when they install the hinges, especially on exterior doors. However a lot of the screws made use of are still those 3/4 inch ones and also they just aren’t that tough. People commonly have troubles with those screws just befalling with time as they utilize their door.

So what do you do?

This response may appear pretty noticeable after that first area. There’s no specific item that I’m mosting likely to suggest. Just replace the screws in both the door and also the door structure with 3-inch lengthy screws. That will safeguard the hinges firmly right into the studs mounting in the door, in addition to right into the door itself. Presuming, of course, that it’s a strong core door. Which brings me to my following point.

The Door Itself is Weak

The majority of outside doors for homes are developed pretty sturdy nowadays. Yet certainly not all. If your door is hollow inside it might be rather easy to in fact break through. So here’s my next referral.

Make certain that your outside doors are entirely solid. By that I suggest that they aren’t hollow in all inside. A solid timber door will hold up much better when being kicked in than any hollow core door. The only way via will certainly be an axe, which is an advantage if a firemen requires to break in and also save your life.  Yet there aren’t many burglars around that will be willing to make such a scene by slicing up your front door with an axe.

Another issue with front doors is that a great deal of them have decorative windows. That behaves as well as all, however it’s much less safe and secure than a strong door without home windows. Don’t get me wrong, those doors look fantastic, and the glass they use is truly solid. So having a home window in your door isn’t completion of the world. But if you intend to make your door impervious, I suggest going with a strong one.

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How to unclog a toilet the easy way

What would you do if your toilet got blocked on a Saturday night when the stores are shut and also you are about to host a curry as well as beer celebration?

This instructable will certainly reveal you an easy method for unclogging a commode making use of hot water and shampoo. While there are various other methods of clearing a commode drain, this is a terrific alternative for unclogging a toilet due to the fact that you do not need to touch the water.

You will require:

  • When someone has actually been excitable with the commode paper), 1 clogged up toilet (jobs best.)
  • A generous amount of surfactant (i.e., Dawn Dishwashing liquid, shampoo, liquid soap, or any various other cleaner that obtains sudsy).
  • Warm (yet not steaming) water.

A container or a bucket to move water to commode.

This will just collaborate with a toilet that is not overruning and has some space to hold additional water.

( For squeamish people: The photo of the obstructed toilet was not created with actual bodily excretions.).

The Flush As Well As Hold.

Did you understand that numerous blockages are a result of a poor flush? A bad flush will cause waste that continues to be in the dish and also occasionally the waste can end up being lodged in the catch of the toilet.

The double flush typically solves the trouble of a bad flush. A lot of us have actually made use of the double flush and some large people utilize the dual flush every single time they make use of the bathroom.

The double flush is useful, yet it’s likewise crucial to make sure you hold down the deal with. The handle is connected to the flapper, which enables water to relocate from the container to the dish. Holding back the deal with makes certain that the flapper continues to be open and also consequently it offers a complete flush.

Plunger (Yet Utilize The Correct One).

A bettor is a great tool for any kind of drainpipe in the house.

Most people, however, don’t understand that a plunger for the commode is made a little in a different way than their counterparts for the sink or bath tub (review my various other write-up to locate the appropriate bettor for your commode). With this in mind, each house must have 2 designs of plungers.

I’m wagering that you have a bettor in your house. You could maintain it near the sink, or in the wardrobe, under the sink, or in the garage. Get that plunger as well as soon as you secure it down in the commode, give it a few pumps (often 10 or more) to relax the clog.

Often you’ll listen to sounds, as well as often the water will certainly flush by itself. Try flushing the bathroom again and cross your fingers as soon as you’re certain you’ve dived sufficient!

Discard A Container Of Water.

Because if it doesn’t function it will load your bathroom to the brim, this method of unclogging your toilet has a greater risk-reward. If it does work, it will certainly require the clog via the pipes. Let’s expect the last.

Discover a bucket as well as utilize the bathtub to load the bucket with water. This unclogging technique functions by utilizing the pressure of a huge quantity of water– much more than you would certainly obtain from merely purging the commode.

The dual flush is useful, however it’s additionally important to make sure you hold down the deal with. Holding down the deal with makes certain that the flapper stays open and also as a result it gives a complete flush.

If the toilet is blocked a bettor will certainly aid. Get that bettor as well as soon as you protect it down in the toilet, give it a couple of pumps (sometimes 10 or more) to loosen up the obstruction.

This method of unclogging your commode has a higher risk-reward since if it does not work it will fill your bathroom to the border.

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