E-shop hosting: What to look out for and which company to choose

E-shop hosting: What to look out for and which company to choose

Hosting an online store is very important for the subsequent success of your business. A slow web hosting will fill you with frustrated customers who will close your page before they even see a product.

On the contrary, a fast and well-established website will attract dozens of potential customers and if you have the right products it will start selling very soon!

Web hosting is a service that you should take very seriously before buying a package and study some of the following criteria that we will mention.

Choose a reputable, up-gradeable web hosting provider

The right thing – and more economical – is to start with a small hosting package and along the way and when your needs increase, upgrade to something bigger.

However, some providers may not respond to the upgrade you will need either due to lack of resources (e.g they may not have vps hosting or dedicated packages to upgrade from simple shared hosting) or due to lack of know-how.

You should definitely avoid such companies as when your online store grows – and this will definitely happen if you offer something innovative and valuable to your customers – you will not be able to support it in the same company and you will have to move to another web hosting provider. – a laborious process that will cost you time, money and maybe some time in downtime of your store.

Therefore, choose a company that offers upgrade options from the beginning and be able to use them as your business grows.

E-shop construction platform

The platform you will build your online store should be an easy to use one, with an active community and constant upgrades for new features as well as security issues.

Both WordPress and Prestashop software are among the best platforms for building sites and online stores. Both platforms are offered for free and have thousands of modules & plugins both paid and free, to bring your website to your own measures!

Prefer a reliable platform where there are no security vulnerabilities or when they arise it closes immediately with new versions. There are various software for creating a website and e-shop, but they are prone to hacker attacks, as a result of which you risk losing all your work!

Photographing your products

A very important factor in the success of your online store is the photos and the complete description of your products. Once a visitor enters your website, they probably know nothing about you, your company and your products.

With detailed clear, high-resolution photos as well as a detailed description, you can instantly provide it with all the information it needs about your product.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. So what you need to do is bring it as close to the product as possible with amazing photos and a detailed description of what is on offer!

Secure payments & data

Another important issue in online stores is secure payments. Every website should offer its customers a high level of security, especially when accepting credit card payments.

For these transactions you can either make them in-house (and save the card details yourself) or re-direct them to a bank with the corresponding payment module.

We suggest that you simply redirect the transaction to the secure environment of the bank so that you have no responsibility around the transactions, once it leaves your website to go to the bank environment!

However, you should pay special attention to the issue of personal data as well as all the data stored for your customers on your own server. Following the above instructions you can first select the appropriate web hosting provider for your online store and then start building the e-shop through ready-made – and very good – solutions such as WordPress & prestashop.

We suggest you also see the hosting packages of MyIP which is the No. 1 web hosting company in Greece and also offers you the opportunity to start from low and few resources and slowly upgrade your package, as your needs increase!

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Best gaming keyboard under $100 in 2021

A gaming keyboard that will improve your performance and make gaming more enjoyable shouldn’t cost more than $100. Starting as low as $36, we tested several options and found that all but one performed really well for the money — perhaps unsurprisingly, it was the cheapest that we wouldn’t recommend. Whether you’re working from home or simply spending more time PC gaming than you were a couple of months ago, a new game-friendly keyboard can make a big difference.

Just like picking out a new gaming mouse, getting the right gaming keyboard has a lot to do with personal preference — from ergonomic design (hello, wrist rest) to whether you prefer RGB lighting, mechanical keys, tactile feedback, programmable keys, dedicated media keys, or so many other features that we can’t even begin to list. And to help narrow your keyboard design preferences, consult our glossary of keyboard terms.

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It’s worth noting that Aukey, which makes one of our top picks, has been booted from Amazon because it was one of several vendors reported to have solicited positive user reviews for gift cards. But since our experience with the quality and value of Aukey accessories has been positive, we continue to recommend their hardware.

Josh Goldman/CNET

The $50 G14 is one of the most affordable mechanical gaming keyboards available and Aukey has stepped up its game with the build quality and software without increasing prices. This TKL keyboard is chunky but still saves desk space since it doesn’t have a number pad; check out Aukey’s G12 if you want that feature.

Although the case is all plastic, it has the heft of a metal frame. Combined with the nonslip pads on the bottom, this keyboard won’t slide around while you’re gaming. Plus, there are two sets of flip-out feet at the back giving you three typing angles to choose from — something you don’t always find on pricier keyboards. And while its USB cable is attached to the body, Aukey did add routing on the bottom so you can send the cable out to the left, right or center. 

The company’s blue clicky switches are good for both typing and gaming with a tactile bump you can feel and hear. These switches have a loud click to them, something to keep in mind if you share a workspace). Also, there is no pinging from the switch springs, unlike the slimmer full-size G12 keyboard, so all you really hear is their click. There is some key wobble but it’s relatively minor and overall it’s a solid typing experience. If you prefer a quieter linear switch, Aukey has a version with those, too.

The keycap legends are difficult to read with the backlight off. However, with 18 preprogrammed lighting options to choose from and four brightness settings, there’s little reason to have the lights off entirely while you’re working. You can always replace the keycaps, too, and Aukey includes a puller. Software for the keyboard can be used to create your own per-key RGB lighting, set up key macros or change key assignments and save multiple profiles. The G14 is a great place to start if you’re just getting into mechanical keyboards for work or play. 

Josh Goldman/CNET

If you’re most comfortable doing your office work on a membrane keyboard, the Cynosa might be the gaming keyboard for you. It’s a membrane keyboard, not mechanical, so the keys are quiet and definitely feel softer than the others here and some might find them mushy. Still, if you’re looking to use one keyboard for both work and play, this is a fine compromise for its $60 price.

Many of the original Cynosa’s features carry over, including per-key RGB lighting — a rarity at this end of the market — and durable spill-resistant design. What’s new is a set of media keys added to the upper right corner. Razer also added cable routing under the keyboard so you can keep your desk a little tidier. 

This is also one of the most programmable keyboards here. There are a lot of preset lighting effects to pick from and you can also create your own using the Synapse 3.0 software. There’s also Razer’s Hypershift feature that lets you set up a secondary set of functions for your keys that are accessed with a “shift” key you choose. You can also rebind keys and set macros with the software.

Josh Goldman/CNET

Whirlwind FX’s Atom 60% mechanical gaming keyboard isn’t too different from other similarly sized options. The compact build is a space saver, great if you need extra mousing room while you game. It’ll also slide easily into a backpack for travel. (It also has a removable braided USB-C cable to help with that.) The company offers a choice of three mechanical switches, and they’re all brilliantly lit with RGB LEDs. 

The Atom’s backlighting, or more specifically the software that controls them, is where this little keyboard stands out. The thing is, you don’t even need the keyboard to use the software. 

The SignalRGB app lets you set the keyboard’s lighting to have different effects during regular use and when media is playing including various games. The app has a library of game integrations to choose from. I tested the Battlefield V integration, for example, and it does things like turn the keyboard lights red when HP is low or green when you’re healed. The Fortnite integration will change the keyboard to pink and red when you take damage or purple when you add experience. There are a lot of games available and, if you really like to tinker, you can create your own integrations using the company’s open-platform lighting software.

However, the SignalRGB software lets you take things a step further by expanding the effects to your other RGB gaming peripherals. It supports more than 150 devices from Razer, Corsair, HyperX, Logitech, SteelSeries and others. You can also request others that aren’t supported yet. 

Also, if you prefer a full-size keyboard, check out the company’s second-gen Element keyboard that has the same switch options but it has directional keys and a number pad.

Read our Whirlwind FX Atom review..


Sarah Tew/CNET

Even on Logitech’s lower-end models such as the G413 backlit gaming keyboard, the company doesn’t cheap out on build quality and components. It uses the same Romer-G Tactile switches found on its more feature-filled models and has the same slim, simple and durable keyboard design with brushed aluminum-magnesium alloy top case. It has a braided USB cable with a USB passthrough port on the back right and channels underneath for mouse and headset cable management.

The tactile key switch is relatively quiet with no click when actuated, just a subtle bump and a short actuation. If you love to hear and feel your keypresses, this probably isn’t the best switch for you. There’s just one color for the backlight — red — but the backlighting is bright and the key font on this full-size keyboard is easy to read. Logitech includes 12 faceted keycaps, which is nice but we didn’t feel much difference.

The G413 is programmable with Logitech’s G Hub software, letting you set up macros and custom functions on the F1-F12 buttons and there’s a game mode that shuts off the Windows key. Overall it’s a more polished mechanical gaming keyboard than the others here, but it’s also pricier.

Sarah Tew/CNET

If you want a wireless gaming keyboard and lights, consider the K57. This budget wireless keyboard uses rubber-dome switches with a pronounced actuation point, which gives it more of an office-keyboard feel like the Razer Cynosa. Gaming on it requires a touch more force than the mechanical keyboards here and rollover is limited to eight keys. Aside from those, the experience is just fine.

The K57 wirelessly connects to your PC via low-latency Bluetooth or Corsair’s 2.4GHz Slipstream technology that uses a tiny USB-A adapter for lag-free gaming. It can also be used wired with the included Micro-USB cable, which charges up the keyboard, too. While it doesn’t have the longevity of the Logitech when you’re using the per-key RGB lighting, you can get through several days of gaming without needing to charge it up.

A row of dedicated macro keys on the left and discrete media controls on the right round out the features. Plus, Corsair’s software is straightforward to use, which makes creating custom keyboard lighting and setting up those macro keys pretty painless. At $80, however, you’re definitely paying more for those features.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Finding a good wireless gaming keyboard can be difficult. These babies are a rarity because the last thing you want to do is potentially introduce lag into your performance. The G613’s Lightspeed wireless performs as good as wired and its battery life is stellar at up to 18 months on two AA-size batteries. That said, the keyboard has no backlight whatsoever, which while understandable for the power savings, no keyboard backlighting really kills the gaming experience in the dark. You do get six programmable buttons down the left side, so that’s something.

The G613 uses the same Romer-G Tactile mechanical switches as the G413, so everything I said about that one applies here. I happen to like the feel of this switch for gaming and typing, though I was in the minority for our testing. This wireless keyboard is definitely one you should try before you buy if you can.

More gaming and WFH essentials

Originally published last year and updated periodically.

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Kaseya attack: How ransomeware attacks are like startups and what we need to do about that

The Kaseya attack is primarily exceptional for the reason that it didn’t begin with a password breach, and the providers were being following cybersecurity greatest tactics. So, how can we shield versus this menace?

TechRepublic’s Karen Roby spoke with Marc Rogers, executive director of cybersecurity at Okta, about cybersecurity and the Kaseya attack. The next is an edited transcript of their discussion.

SEE: Security incident response policy (TechRepublic Premium)

Marc Rogers: The Kaseya ransomware assault really should be a wake-up get in touch with to all of us. We’ve witnessed complex ransomware assaults before, but we’ve not witnessed them at this scale, and we’ve not viewed them to this devastating result. What will make it diverse is when you look at your typical ransomware assaults, like choose the Colonial Pipeline 1, is a terrific illustration, it usually entails a really very simple way in. Like any person received a password or someone uncovered an uncovered remote desktop session, permitted them access. And that is for the reason that ransomware gangs typically glimpse for the simplest way to immediately get in, make some funds and get out. But what took place with Kaseya is someway the ransomware affiliate marketers concerned in this, the gang behind it is called REvil, observed a vulnerability that Kaseya was in the process of repairing and applied it to assault Kaseya. And then, additional particularly, attack Kaseya’s consumers, realizing that people consumers were managed company companies who had countless numbers of their personal prospects.

They went one particular by a person, concentrating on on-premise MSP platforms so that they could attack the consumers beneath. And when they popped the system on premise, they then utilized it to infect the shoppers beneath. And so out of the blue we found thousands of modest and medium-sized businesses impacted by this fundamentally ransomware offer chain attack. It’s various since it begun with a zero-day, and which is unusual. It’s challenging to say best practice in phrases of averting this, how do you patch for one thing? Zero-times by their mother nature really don’t have patches for it. The providers that were being infected, were pursuing very best procedures. If you’re a small organization without having a protection team, you should be making use of an MSP to do your protection companies. So, all these fellas were being largely undertaking the suitable factors. There ended up some mistakes like the system being applied should not have been exposed to the world wide web.

SEE: Kaseya attack reveals how third-party application is the fantastic delivery technique for ransomware (TechRepublic)

We considered it was primarily uncovered so that people today could remote perform because of the pandemic and to make a lot more on the web availability. And it looks like that there was overuse of what are identified as endpoint security exclusions. Which is primarily a rule that you place in to say, “I belief the stuff coming from this device, you do not want to scan it with antivirus.” And that, sad to say, these two issues conspired with the total situation to make a definitely major disaster. But we are sitting down here now with hundreds of tiny- and medium-sized enterprises impacted, and they’re impacted simply because they dependable the provider. And that supplier was impacted since they dependable their supplier and the stability of the platform that that supplier was furnishing to them. So, it really is type of challenging to get the lessons out of it. The basic lessons of strengthening your architecture would assistance, but I really don’t feel they would have solved this problem at all.

SEE: How to take care of passwords: Ideal techniques and stability strategies (free of charge PDF) (TechRepublic)

We will need to consider about this one particular as a wake-up call. Mainly because for me, this is if you consider ransomware functions as nearly like remaining startups, this is them scaling. They have acquired a productive enterprise model, and now they’re hunting at how they can do it as large as achievable. And it can be pretty much as if they learned from the SolarWinds style of assault to get as lots of individuals as feasible down the chain and applied it to ransomware and obtained as quite a few as achievable. And there actually are indications that these men couldn’t manage the volume of corporations they compromised because they were so prosperous. But for us, we genuinely will need to go again to considering about how we believe in our supply chains to make guaranteed that this type of ransomware attack cannot come about again, mainly because it truly is devastating. There are even now compact firms out there who’ve obtained encrypted info. The kinds who had backups have managed to restore to a more substantial extent, but you will find a great deal out there that will not. For the reason that regretably the nature of a modest corporations, you never have the solutions or methods to really be as resilient as a massive company.

Karen Roby: As you said, most firms have been and are adhering to their greatest techniques and what is actually suggested to them. But this a person, the ripple results have just been devastating.

Marc Rogers: I believe you will find two big lessons that are going to come out of this. Just one is market. This is an additional reminder, just like we obtained from SolarWinds, that we genuinely have to glimpse at provide chain. How do we validate the have faith in we put in businesses that are our suppliers? A lot more importantly, how do we area belief in their suppliers? Because it truly is people removed degrees of rely on, exactly where you start to get less and fewer affect, the undesirable issues can get even worse. A thing should not be capable to occur two or three back links away from you, and then arrive all the way down and then blow you up. That’s not a excellent state of affairs. And we observed people classes from SolarWinds, I’m hoping we can see those lessons here. But the other side of it is type of a different strong simply call out to policymakers that ransomware as a scourge is seriously having out of hand and we require to get a significantly extra proactive stance on how we deal with it.

SEE: Kaseya supply chain assault impacts extra than 1,000 businesses (TechRepublic) 

Uncomplicated sanctions are not plenty of simply because typically they’re hitting broad groups of companies or people, and they’re not targeting the particular folks who are generating big amounts of revenue out of this. Somehow we have to make this personalized for them. And so some of the perform that DOJ has been performing to make this more own, like seizing ransomware wallets and things is excellent to see since it can be excellent to see genuine repercussions. But in some way we have to fix this challenge of these men are unable to be out of arms’ achieve, launch devastating assaults from our state, and then just move on.

Karen Roby: Yeah, particularly. All ideal Marc, any ultimate thoughts in this article?

Marc Rogers: The only other point I would say is the ransomware activity power set out a report suggesting how sector and federal government could function alongside one another to collaborate in attacking this risk. The report arrived out of the of IST and it can be downloaded. I would strongly propose everybody in industry having a seem at it, and policymakers just take a look at it. Since a good deal of the advice in there is great and good, and it pushes people today in the correct course toward tackling this danger and exhibits that truly there are some meaningful items that we can do. This is not a scenario of, “Oh, it was an highly developed, persistent menace. We ought to just lower price it.” This is a, “Certainly, we can do something about this, and we should do one thing about this.”

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Impression: Wetzkaz Graphics/Shutterstock

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Loki’s Sylvie reveals what shaped the character’s badass fighting style

Sophia Di Martino desired to make Sylvie truly feel unique from Loki, suitable down to her preventing type. 

Marvel Studios

Episode 3 of Loki highlighted the titular Marvel Cinematic Universe villain forging a perilous alliance with his alternate timeline counterpart Sylvie, and sparks flew as the two tricksters tried to escape a doomed moon. It was our to start with true look at Sylvie — who’s established to take down the omniscient Time-Keepers — and she still left lovers fired up for the fourth episode, which hit Disney Moreover on Wednesday.

The character is played with mischievous strength by actor Sophia Di Martino, who formerly appeared in Danny Boyle’s 2019 Beatles celebration Yesterday, put up-apocalyptic martial arts exhibit Into the Badlands and an array of British drama series.

Loki is Di Martino’s first MCU position, so I was fired up to chat with her above Zoom about her whirlwind audition course of action, how she designed Sylvie truly feel distinct from Tom Hiddleston’s iconic Loki and episode 3’s minute of LGBTQI illustration.

Here’s a transcript of our discussion, lightly edited for clarity. 

Q: I appreciate how you’re playing Sylvie so significantly, she’s such an intriguing character. Can you tell me how you came to be included in Loki?
Di Martino: Thank you. I might by now worked with [director] Kate Herron and experienced a script arrive through to do an audition tape. It was a really quick scene I assume the characters were called Bob and Sarah. And that was it — the shortest audition process I think I’ve at any time been as a result of. I did not get to do display screen checks or remembers or just about anything due to the fact I was greatly pregnant at the time. 

I also couldn’t travel and Tom was in New York, so we could not physically fulfill and I identified myself on FaceTime with Tom. Then soon after that, I was forged. I nevertheless have trouble wrapping my head all over it. It really is insane.

I keep in mind interviews with Marvel actors who say they were being sent massive stacks of comics to examine as they well prepared for the roles. Did this materialize to you?
To be sincere, I didn’t have time. It all occurred so rapidly. There was not time to browse a huge stack of comics. Kate did ship me a couple, but I will not don’t forget which ones without the need of going household and checking.

Did you look at any non-Marvel films to put together?
A single of the films we viewed for stunt references was Atomic Blonde — the fight scenes in that are good. Charlize Theron is tremendous-powerful and fights like a male. We required Sylvie to be a brawler we did not want her to be way too classy in the way she fights simply because which is Loki’s detail. He’s so balletic in the way that he moves, but Sylvie is additional of a avenue fighter. 

What was your past experience with Marvel films, and Loki in unique?
I might watched a handful of of the films and actually relished them. But to be honest, I didn’t know really considerably at all. Tom has taught me a great deal as a result of his “Loki Lecture” [which the actor uses to help new actors catch up] and, and just currently being all around him — he is aware of so substantially. If I have a query about anything at all, I can just inquire Tom and most of the time he’ll know the solution. 

Given the clear marriage among your character and Tom’s, did his efficiency as Loki inspire yours?
I assume it was crucial for me to make Sylvie her have character. So I did not want to do an perception of Tom or test to copy his Loki — I’m awful at impressions. I got to know who Loki was and did exploration all-around that, but I begun from scratch really.

There are similarities, but a ton of that will come from the script and from their energy. She’s also mischievous and anarchic in her have way — that type of chaotic energy carries by. But I also required her to be her possess particular person.

Loki and Sylvie with knife

Sylvie isn’t amazed by Loki’s cleverness.

Marvel Studios

That would make sense. Centered on episode 3, it appeared like these are two people today who’ve experienced really distinct life ordeals.
Guaranteed they have. Loki grew up as a prince and Sylvie did not.

“Must’ve been some would-be princesses or most likely another prince?” That line from episode 3 has gotten a big reaction. And I know Kate Herron explained acknowledging Loki is bisexual was one particular of the aims of the clearly show. Did that make you set a lot more fat on the line? It is really tricky to notify.
I was knowledgeable it was a definitely important illustration for the demonstrate and that the comics have talked about that for a long time with the mythology of Loki, so it was super essential. But I just played the line for the line I didn’t feel about it getting this significantly consideration when we were being filming. Which is superior I would have messed it up.

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Apple’s Silicon Macs wish list: 5 new features business pros need

These are the characteristics Apple need to finally include things like in its new Mac components, which might be declared during the company’s “One particular Far more Thing” occasion on Nov. 10.

Picture: Apple

In a last-minute invitation, Apple has scheduled an party for Nov. 10, 2020. Pro customers are most fascinated in the likelihood of Apple unveiling the new Mac components that was introduced through WWDC’20 the Macs are envisioned to be the 1st equipment utilizing Apple’s personalized silicon-on-a-chip (SoC). It can be also anticipated that Apple will make macOS Massive Sur accessible to the masses.

It is rumored that Apple will have a new Mac mini ready for the fourth quarter of 2020, and some indications position to the corporation also releasing a notebook in its MacBook lineup and probably even a new iMac–the rest of its offerings would changeover to the new components in excess of the study course of its two-yr roadmap.

SEE: How to migrate to a new iPad, Apple iphone, or Mac (TechRepublic Top quality)

With the accomplishment of the Iphone and iPad previously making use of Apple’s SoC layouts (and pushing the overall performance barrier) even though keeping products lightweight and energy effective, the new Macs are thought to present an initial computing practical experience that rivals the current components driven by Intel’s chips but with much bigger obtain to the system’s all round components. Provided its custom-made nature, which is managed by Apple, this will allow for an unprecedented degree of deep integration that need to result in comparable functionality gains found on the iOS-based devices year more than yr.

Right here are the major five options that pros have been clamoring for Apple to incorporate in its upcoming Macs.

1. Increased storage capacities

Even though Apple’s existing storage solutions normally tap out at 2 TB for most of its lineup besides the latest 16″ MacBook Professional, by including 4, 8, or 16 TBs of ultra-quickly, on-board storage, it could significantly adjust how Macs are applied–specifically specified that Macs are typically leveraged as the past remaining salvo for macOS-based servers, the Xserve, is no longer an selection. Growing the storage capability exponentially could enable these Apple devices to uncover their way into extra storage weighty makes use of, like file and databases servers or configured to purpose in a clustered location for high availability. When regarded this way, 3 Macs clustered could supply a swift, still strong server infrastructure that is both of those uncomplicated to set up and can be provisioned any where with suitable electric power and network connectivity.

2. Expanded community connectivity selections

Most desktop Macs involve a network port, but none of the notebook Macs do any more. Quite a few professionals lament the decline of the ethernet port, and some begrudgingly have a USB-to-ethernet adapter with them everywhere you go they go. When Apple is possible not to reverse that selection, personalized SoC could enable Apple to give additional versions of connectivity possibilities when it comes to networking, this sort of as many ethernet ports or more quickly, 10 GB connections provided the immediate entry presented by establishing its individual silicon. This could be expanded to other forms of connections, these types of as fiber channel (FC) that is applied to join to Storage Place Networks (SANs) or specifically into a community swap for 10-40Gbps connectivity to the network’s backbone.

3. Speedier overall performance than present gadgets

Pro customers want more rapidly gear. Whilst Intel produces incredibly quickly chips, the cooling and electrical power necessities of the higher-performance elements renders particular chips out of get to for all but the much larger techniques that can be manufactured to keep them cooled adequately plenty of to avert thermal events from harmful the components.

Apple has a good deal of expertise in this spot, specially when it will come to the ever-slimming profiles of its cellular gadget traces, such as iOS-centered gadgets. These Apple gadgets have viewed the biggest efficiency gains constantly time and again by managing to make the most out of just about every useful resource irrespective of remaining used greatly all over the working day. Even though this is not as common a issue for desktop devices that are often plugged in, they can definitely reward from performance bumps to boost general performance concentrations.

SEE: Online video: Apple’s first Silicon Macs debut next week, and we have some thoughts (ZDNet)

4. Greater vitality administration efficiency

A single of the most important advantages to chipset manufacturers when shrinking die measurements is to achieve greater, more effective overall performance from a lowered footprint–in essence, accomplishing far more with less. From time to time, however, it just isn’t so significantly about accomplishing extra as it is merely about undertaking it greater.

By applying that logic to electric power management, Apple is poised to produce a system that is as similarly strong as its predecessors but sips electrical power alternatively of gulps it–this is a further location that Apple has produced excellent inroads with on all its equipment. Envision the expense cost savings for enterprises when desktops and servers are deployed that could potentially draw very little more electric power than an iPad Professional.

Also, electrical power adapters on newer equipment could operate at a portion of the wattage of present gadgets. Even if the new Macs function at fifty percent the capability, which is a major total of electrical power consumption that is diminished. Extrapolate that to include things like all the equipment throughout the enterprise, and that could represent a big reduction in the organization’s carbon footprint.

5. Unlimited overall performance configurations

Employing the Mac mini as an instance, the recent base product is roughly 1.4-inches in peak and involves a 4 or 6-main Intel CPU (managing at 3.-3.6Ghz), together with on-board GPU, 8 GB of RAM, and 256 GB SSD in a single 2.9 lbs package. By distinction, the iPad Professional 11″ is .23-inches in peak, contains an 8-core ARM CPU (functioning at 2.49Ghz), together with an 8-core GPU, 6 GB of RAM, and 128 GB SSD in one particular 1.04 lbs deal. Imagine having the components of three of those people iPad Execs and putting them into the a single Mac mini’s footprint. With Apple’s custom made silicon and engineering prowess, this is more than just a mere pipe aspiration–this is a really serious likelihood.

Set an additional way, it is really not as opposed to what businesses have been carrying out for decades when purchasing substantial, run blade servers to consolidate lots of bodily servers into lesser footprints bodily but however retaining the server’s operation in virtual sort. With that notion in head, a modular tower, like the Mac Professional could essentially residence dozens of re-engineered, custom made silicon components that would rival the overall performance of dozens of devices–all from 1 bodily footprint. It could even be the rebirth of a modern-day day Xserver, albeit in blade architecture, to electricity an organization’s server backend or server farm, leveraging the high-density likely in Apple’s SoC.

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The best cordless vacuum for 2020

Today’s advanced vacuum cleaners are nothing like the clunky models of decades past. They’re cordless, lightweight, and pack rechargeable batteries for extreme portability and convenience. These machines aren’t simple dustbusters either. They rival traditional upright corded vacuums, both in flexibility and power. Many come with numerous attachments, along with special modes to tackle multiple floor types, including hardwood floors, carpet, bare floors and stairs, and household chores like cleaning furniture and upholstery.

Dyson pioneered this field with its lineup of capable — and pricey — Cyclone V series stick vacs. A host of companies now offer their own cordless vacuums. In some cases these are shameless clones of Dyson products. In others, they’re unique takes on the cordless vacuum, providing novel features all their own.

Are any of these vacuums worth buying over Dyson’s premium models? And if so, which one makes the most sense for you? To find the answer, we selected eight current cordless vacuums. On our buyer’s guide list are stick vacs from well-known vacuum cleaner heavyweights like Hoover, Bissell and Shark. We also included a few options from vacuum newcomers Moosoo and Onson, both popular, low-cost Dyson alternatives sold through Amazon.

Read more: Best robot vacuum of 2020: iRobot Roomba, Neato and all other robot vacuum cleaners

We then put them all through a rigorous battery of floor-care tests on hard flooring, carpet and other surfaces. The process took over 150 hours to complete. It also consumed multiple pounds of sand and rice, plus hundreds of handfuls of pet hair. After that, we’ve determined that these products are our picks for the best cordless vacuum for 2020.

Chris Monroe/CNET

The $584 V11 is Dyson’s latest and greatest stick vac. It’s also the most expensive machine in our test group. That said, this flagship model delivered best-in-class performance to match its steep price. On hardwood floor surfaces, the V11 literally wiped the bare floors clean from dust and dirt. The vacuum, which has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack, demonstrated near-flawless pickup of both sand and black rice test samples (99.6 and 100%, respectively). 

Pet owners will also appreciate the V11’s prowess at eliminating pet hair. During anecdotal tests, the vacuum completely removed hair fibers and dust from mid-pile and low-pile carpet. Pet hair pickup across hardwood flooring went almost as well. The only detractors were a stray clump the vacuum missed at the top of our test area. That and a few strands ended up wrapped around the V11’s brush roll. 

I certainly like how easy the V11’s dust bin is to empty. Just aim the vacuum into the trash, and push a release tab to open the dust bin’s lid. To close it, pull the tab in the opposite direction. Other models we tested were a nightmare in this regard. The Hoover BladeMax gave us the most trouble. Hair and dust typically became trapped deep inside its dirt cup. I found its bin tricky to open too. Worse, it isn’t always clear that the dirt bin is securely attached.    

Dyson also bundles numerous attachments in the box. Among them are a crevice tool for cleaning tight spaces, a motorized tool for upholstery, a soft dusting brush and a stubborn dirt brush head for pulling ground-in dirt from a carpet. All this makes the Dyson V11 the clear choice for the best cordless vacuum money can buy.

Read more about the Dyson V11.

Chris Monroe/CNET

The second-best performer in our group of cordless vacuums was the $250 Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless. It came very close to cleaning floors as well as the Dyson V11, but costs hundreds less. The Rocket removed just as much sand from both midpile carpet and hardwood floors. In fact, the only area where the Shark trailed the V11 as the best cordless vacuum was over low-pile carpet. There, the machine pulled away an overage of 67.6% of our test sand. By contrast, the Dyson V11 removed a greater amount of sand from our low-pile carpeting (78.4% on average).

The Rocket didn’t have trouble handling pet hair either. On both low-pile carpet and hardwood, this handheld cordless vacuum wiped away all traces of animal dander. Results were favorable across midpile carpet, too. Only a small tuft of hair remained after the vacuum passed over the thicker, more challenging surface.

Design is another of the Rocket Pet Pro’s strengths. Its dust cup is almost as easy to empty as the Dyson V11. The dust cup typically remains clear of dirt and debris as well, not stuck inside even after emptying. I also appreciate how the Rocket Pet Pro’s wand and upholstery tool can stand upright on its own (disconnected from the main vacuum unit). LED lights on the nozzle help you see dirt and debris around your home, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes for easy charging. So, if you seek a solid midrange cordless upright stick vac, Shark’s Rocket Pro is an outstanding option.

Chris Monroe/CNET

If you’d like to own a Dyson but would rather not spend top dollar, consider the $450 Dyson V8 Absolute. This step-down model is a few years old, yet still performs like a champ. On our floor-cleaning tests, the V8 came in a respectable third. In our test group, only the Dyson V11 and Shark Rocket Pet Pro scoured floors better than the V8.

On hardwood, the vacuum managed to pickup an average of 98% of the sand we dropped. For low-pile carpet, that average fell to 68.3%. The average slipped further across midpile carpet, though remained at a respectable 52%.

Pet hair didn’t faze the V8 much either. It pulled hair away from midpile and low-pile carpets completely. It did fail to remove a small amount of dander on hardwood. Additionally, some fibers became wrapped around the vacuum’s brush roll. But the washable filter was handy.

And similar to the V11 Torque Drive, the V8 Absolute comes with a generous assortment of add-ons. That includes gadgets for dusting, a crevice tool for reaching into a tight crevice, a soft cleaning head for bare floors, a motorized brush roll for grabbing ground-in dirt and debris, and a docking station for charging the battery. So for those who’d like to own a Dyson brand stick vac a little less cash, the V8 Absolute is worth a look.     

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Chris Monroe/CNET

Moosoo isn’t exactly a household name. Nevertheless, the $120 Moosoo M X6 cordless vacuum packs a respectable punch, considering its low price. Despite costing much less than competing vacuums, the M X6 was the fourth-best performer in our test group of eight models.

The stick vac picked up 99% (on average) of our test sand from hardwood. On low-pile carpet, that figure sank to 41.3%. The M X6 fared better across thicker midpile carpet though, earning a higher sand pickup average of 52.2%.

Black rice, our large particle test soil, was a breeze for the Moosoo vacuum. It managed pickup averages above 90% on hardwood, low-pile and midpile carpet (95.4, 96.8 and 94%, respectively).

Don’t buy the Moosoo M X6, though, if you’re a pet owner. Cons are that at least some visible dander remained after vacuuming, no matter the test surface. The brush roll tends to wrap strands of hair around itself as well.

If you want cordless vacuuming on a tight budget, however, consider the Moosoo M X6. It just might fit the bill, and for much less cash.

How we test cordless vacuums

Putting cordless vacuums through their paces isn’t as complicated as testing robot vacuums, but it still takes lots of time and careful effort to find the best cordless vacuum. We run each vacuum in a straight line across three different surfaces (hardwood, low-pile carpet, midpile carpet). On all three test beds, the test area is the same length (30.25 inches).

Our custom-built tool lets us match the soil area to each vacuum’s nozzle width. The amount of soil used for each test also depends on the type of flooring.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The width of the test bed is proportional the vacuum’s nozzle width. We measure this width ourselves. We also use nozzle width, plus the flooring type, to calculate the soil density for each test, per International Electrotechnical Commission guidelines. The IEC is an international standards body responsible for managing vacuum testing procedures, among other things, for vacuum manufacturers.

We test vacuums on three types of floor surfaces.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

We use three types of soil. To simulate small particle size, we use a mix of play sand and landscaping sand. To emulate larger dirt particles, we use uncooked black rice. To see how vacuums deal with pet hair, we use our mixture of clippings sourced to us through our local pet groomer. 


We run tests in a straight line across all three floor types.

Brian Bennett/CNET

We perform three runs (at minimum) on each floor type. We also test with sand and rice separately. That comes to at least 18 tests per vacuum. We weigh the vacuum’s dust bin both before and after each run. 

Percentage of sand removed

Onson D18E Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Sand from low-pile

Sand from hardwood

Sand from mid<span class=”scribe-editor-marker” style=”display: none;”></span>pile


Results listed are the average percentage of total material removed from test surface

From there we can calculate the percentage of dirt and debris pickup for every run and the average amount of soil a vacuum manages to remove. Additionally, we run anecdotal (visual) pet hair tests for each vacuum, on all three floor types to help us select the best cordless vacuum.

Percentage of rice removed

Onson D18E Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Rice from low-pile

Rice from hardwood

Rice from midpile


Results listed are the average percentage of total material removed from test surface

Want more cordless vacuum options? Here’s a list of the other stick vacs we tested besides the models listed above:

Read more: 

Originally published last year.

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New robot developed at Stanford changes shape like a ‘Transformer’

The robotics workforce was motivated by the octopus which can adjust its shape and in good shape into tiny spaces.

Roboy the robotic is fully compliant, tender, and huggable
Pascal Kaufmann introduces us to Roboy, which represents a new generation of robots.

On a latest sunny afternoon, Stanford College engineers pumped up their most current generation, turned on a several tiny motors and watched it move throughout a university inexperienced. The comfortable robot’s skeleton is crafted with flexible material tubes crammed with air. Tiny motors transfer along the tubes to transform the robot’s shape and make it possible for it to transfer.
“The relaxed description of this robot that I give to folks is Baymax from the film Major Hero 6 combined with Transformers,” reported Nathan Usevitch, a graduate student in mechanical engineering at Stanford who works on the job, in a press launch.

The researchers revealed a paper Wednesday in Science Robotics about their creation.  

The tube runs through a few smaller equipment that pinch it into a triangle condition. One particular equipment holds the two finishes of the tube alongside one another when the other two drive alongside the tube to improve the shape of the robot by relocating its corners. The scientists contact it an “isoperimetric robot” due to the fact the total duration of the edges and the amount of air inside continues to be the exact same even even though the condition adjustments significantly.

“What is enjoyable to me is that the robotic is truly a collective of particular person robotic rollers, which get the job done together to go the robotic and alter its condition,” mentioned Mac Schwager, assistant professor of aeronautics and astronautics at Stanford, in a press release. “This can help make it an adaptable and strong method.”

SEE: Internet of Issues: Development, dangers, and options (absolutely free PDF)

Unlike several gentle robots that have to be related to an air compressor, this human harmless robot is untethered.

To make a additional sophisticated variation of the robot, the scientists connect a number of triangles alongside one another. By coordinating the movements of the motors, the robotic can decide on up a ball by engulfing it on a few sides or altering its center of mass to roll forward.

This style also enables the machine to surround an object, choose it up, and go it about, a process that is substantially more complicated for robots that use a gripper to do the identical detail.
Scientists believe that the robot is a good applicant for space vacation for the reason that of its overall flexibility and the reality that it can be compressed to a small dimension.

“On another planet, it could use its form-changing ability to traverse intricate environments, squeezing through restricted spaces and spreading above hurdles,” reported Zachary Hammond, a graduate scholar in mechanical engineering at Stanford who works on the robot, in a push release.

The group blended style and design principles from several kinds of robots to generate this new invention: gentle robots, truss robots and collective robots. Tender robots are lightweight and compliant, truss robots have geometric forms that can alter condition and collective robots are modest robots that operate together.

Robotics scientists are looking for ways to make more human-friendly robotics. Regular industrial robots are fast, specific devices, dependent on rigid-body mechanisms, which are crafted for factories, not interacting with individuals. Tender robots are constructed from elements with mechanical houses equivalent to individuals and animals.

Co-authors of the paper consist of Sean Follmer, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, Mac Schwager, assistant professor of aeronautics and astronautics, Allison Okamura, professor of mechanical engineering, Stanford graduate college students Zachary Hammond and Nathan Usevitch, and Elliot Hawkes, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

This study was funded by the Countrywide Science Foundation and the Protection Advanced Analysis Tasks Company.

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Engineers at Stanford University have crafted a smooth robot that can remodel from a person condition to another making use of air-filled tubes and small motors.

Image: Stanford College

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Nintendo Switch Lite coral comes out in April

For that specific human being that demands a tiny additional colour in their recreation consoles. 


Nintendo’s smaller Change Lite is not only more transportable than the common Switch, but they’re also much more colourful. The new coral edition adds a pinkish coloration into the lineup but without having contacting it pink. 

The Change maker revealed the coral Change Lite Tuesday. It’ll be a part of the other 3 hues of the more compact console on April 3 with a possible selling price tag of $199.

Nintendo released the Switch Lite past September. The lesser variation is developed for portability with a for a longer time battery daily life than the initial Change, but it won’t join to a Television. Nintendo also introduced the second edition of the Nintendo Swap last August, which also has a bigger battery. 

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The best tech gifts to buy for non-techies

Sometimes it’s tough to figure out what tech gift to buy for a non-techie. Here’s what you need to know.

Best practices and etiquette for buying your boss a holiday gift
Buying a gift for your boss can be a nice gesture, but comes with some risk. TechRepublic’s Teena Maddox explains the dos and don’t of office gifting.

It can be difficult to figure out just the right gift to buy when you’re looking for a tech-focused present for someone who isn’t exactly tech savvy. Whether the gift recipient is your neighbor, your mom, or your flip phone loving brother, there are some gift ideas out there for you to consider. 

SEE: Photos: Holiday tech gift guide for non-techies (TechRepublic)

Think about their interests. Do they like music? Then a pair of wired earbuds are an idea. You don’t have to opt for wireless, since that’s might be a little too techie for them and they’d probably just lose them. Consider the Puresonic earbuds from Fender. They’re a solid choice and they’re on sale for the holidays for $49.99. If you just want to give them a way to listen to music at their desk, there’s the Fender Newport speaker. It has a classic look and yet offers all of the features of a wireless speaker for $149. And if they’re always running around to the gym or if they like to hike, try the JBL Clip 3. It’s an ultra-portable, ultra-rugged and waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It’s waterproof and has a fully integrated carabiner that can clip onto clothes, a belt loop or a backpack for outdoor adventures. It’s priced at $69.99 through T-Mobile.

SEE: Gift Guides for Techies (TechRepublic on Flipboard)  

If the non-techie in your life is a pet lover, check out the Fi smart dog collar. It tracks their dog whether they’re near them or not, through GPS. They’ll never have a lost dog again. The best part? It’s easy to use for non-techies and the app sends an alert if the dog leaves the house or yard, even if they’re at work. The collar is $149, with GPS plans starting at $1.89 a week. 

There’s also the second generation of the PetSafe Smart Feed automatic dog and cat feeder. It’s an easy way to use technology to feed a pet from afar. It works with an Amazon Echo device so Alexa can feed their dog or cat a snack. It notifies them when the feeder is low or empty and gives them the ability to automatically reorder their pet’s food through Amazon Dash Replenishment. It’s affordable at $194.99.

And then Casetify has everything from artist-designed laptop shells, to smartphone cases, Apple Watch bands and AirPod skins. If the non-techie on your holiday gift list has sprung for a new iPhone Pro Max, then they’re trying to test the limits of their tech ability and they definitely will want a new phone case. Casetify has a cool lineup of cases with styles to suit everyone’s preferences and needs, no matter how drop-proof they need a case to be. Casetify’s array of Apple Watch bands are compatible with the new Apple Watch 5 or the original Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and Series 4, and are available for the Apple Watch sizes 38mm, 40mm, 42mm and 44mm with prices starting at $40.

Your own creativity is the limit when it comes to finding a great tech gift for a non-techie. Consider smart home devices, cool gadgets, fun tech games and more. 

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PetSafe Smart Feed automatic dog and cat feeder


Image: PetSafe

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In-house Vs. Agency SEO

In-house Vs. Agency SEO

Are you in the process of hiring an SEO agency? Then you should read the above post to learn which are the differences from the in house SEO!

Many companies have websites and are now wise to the importance of SEO and the careful attention it demands. Small firms may feel that outsourcing their SEO to an agency is too big a financial commitment, and with some basic know-how and a bit of spare time can manage their own SEO well enough.

But as your company develops, with all the added responsibilities and the constant evolution of the SEO industry, it will become much harder for you to handle effective SEO alongside all the other day-to-day decisions, meetings and management. This is when the need arises for you to hire specialist SEO services, to keep your website ranking in a strong position against tough competition.

There are two approaches to SEO; either you can hire an external SEO agency or use in-house SEO resources. In deciding which approach may suit your business the best, involves a number of crucial considerations. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each method so you can get a deeper insight, and figure out which would be the most beneficial for your business.

The In-house SEO Expert or Team

This basically means that the people working on SEO for your company website will be your employees, working solely for your site and part of your larger team of staff dedicated to making your business successful. Larger organisations may have a Marketing team which is where the SEO work is most closely related, since it complements a range of other online marketing methods to build your company’s brand and increase awareness and interest in what you have to offer your target market. There are several benefits of maintaining SEO in-house:

  • You’ll know the people – Since you’ll be employing them, you’ll have the freedom to call the shots as to who gets hired. Hiring an agency will not give you the privilege of selecting or getting to know the individuals who’ll be handling your SEO. With in-house SEO you are at liberty to assess the work progress and quality throughout the campaigns. You’ll also get to manage and motivate your employees in your own way to get maximum productivity and results from a cohesive workforce.
  • Full control – Formulation of strategy and changing business goals can be directly conveyed to the SEO department. An in-house team can quickly adapt to new business strategies and rapidly implement the necessary changes.

Let’s look at some pitfalls of in-house SEO:

  • The risk of recruitment – Unless you’re an SEO expert, there’s always a risk of hiring the wrong person. Finding the right candidate can be pretty tricky and the people who claim to be experts may not actually have as much specialist knowledge and experience as they claim they do.
  • Weak strategy and execution – SEO can take months to show results and if the in-house SEO is planned poorly and executed with errors, you’ll either be waiting forever for your rankings to improve, or potentially lose high rankings you’ve previously worked hard to achieve. It could be a terrible waste of time, money and effort and you may suffer serious consequences with a loss of sales and brand reputation.

Hiring an External SEO Agency

Hiring an outside agency also has it’s plus and minus points. The main difference is that an agency will be working for many different company websites at the same time. Firstly we’ll take a look at the challenges you may face with an SEO agency:

  • Expense – Depending on the scale of your SEO campaign, hiring an agency can work out  more expensive per month when compared with hiring a full time, in-house specialist. The price however will vary according to the type and volume of work you would want the agency to perform. Campaign costs can vary from as little as £400 to over £4000 per month, however, bear in mind that an agency is likely to have a large team of experts working together towards your SEO success, compared with the individual or small in-house team you may choose to undertake the work.
  • Communication – Communicating your requirements effectively may be more difficult with an SEO agency since negotiations will primarily take place over the phone and via email. There’s little chance you’ll have the opportunity for a face-to-face meeting or be able to drop by when it suits you to see how work is progressing.

An SEO Agency can also bring some significant benefits:

  • Less hassle – the effort of hiring, monitoring and managing burdens are no more. You won’t be troubled finding new office space for an in-house SEO team or accommodating their needs. The SEO agency will be answerable to all your SEO related problems.
  • Efficiency – SEO agencies hire and develop SEO experts. Their experience, best practice techniques and proven strategies offer you a highly efficient approach to getting the desired rankings and positive effects you should be rewarded with from quality SEO.

We appreciate that every business is different so there’s no clear-cut right or wrong choice to make. Get quotes, seek advice and compare all your options before confidently making an informed and committed choice for the future of your company’s website success.

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