Loki’s Sylvie reveals what shaped the character’s badass fighting style

Sophia Di Martino desired to make Sylvie truly feel unique from Loki, suitable down to her preventing type. 

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Episode 3 of Loki highlighted the titular Marvel Cinematic Universe villain forging a perilous alliance with his alternate timeline counterpart Sylvie, and sparks flew as the two tricksters tried to escape a doomed moon. It was our to start with true look at Sylvie — who’s established to take down the omniscient Time-Keepers — and she still left lovers fired up for the fourth episode, which hit Disney Moreover on Wednesday.

The character is played with mischievous strength by actor Sophia Di Martino, who formerly appeared in Danny Boyle’s 2019 Beatles celebration Yesterday, put up-apocalyptic martial arts exhibit Into the Badlands and an array of British drama series.

Loki is Di Martino’s first MCU position, so I was fired up to chat with her above Zoom about her whirlwind audition course of action, how she designed Sylvie truly feel distinct from Tom Hiddleston’s iconic Loki and episode 3’s minute of LGBTQI illustration.

Here’s a transcript of our discussion, lightly edited for clarity. 

Q: I appreciate how you’re playing Sylvie so significantly, she’s such an intriguing character. Can you tell me how you came to be included in Loki?
Di Martino: Thank you. I might by now worked with [director] Kate Herron and experienced a script arrive through to do an audition tape. It was a really quick scene I assume the characters were called Bob and Sarah. And that was it — the shortest audition process I think I’ve at any time been as a result of. I did not get to do display screen checks or remembers or just about anything due to the fact I was greatly pregnant at the time. 

I also couldn’t travel and Tom was in New York, so we could not physically fulfill and I identified myself on FaceTime with Tom. Then soon after that, I was forged. I nevertheless have trouble wrapping my head all over it. It really is insane.

I keep in mind interviews with Marvel actors who say they were being sent massive stacks of comics to examine as they well prepared for the roles. Did this materialize to you?
To be sincere, I didn’t have time. It all occurred so rapidly. There was not time to browse a huge stack of comics. Kate did ship me a couple, but I will not don’t forget which ones without the need of going household and checking.

Did you look at any non-Marvel films to put together?
A single of the films we viewed for stunt references was Atomic Blonde — the fight scenes in that are good. Charlize Theron is tremendous-powerful and fights like a male. We required Sylvie to be a brawler we did not want her to be way too classy in the way she fights simply because which is Loki’s detail. He’s so balletic in the way that he moves, but Sylvie is additional of a avenue fighter. 

What was your past experience with Marvel films, and Loki in unique?
I might watched a handful of of the films and actually relished them. But to be honest, I didn’t know really considerably at all. Tom has taught me a great deal as a result of his “Loki Lecture” [which the actor uses to help new actors catch up] and, and just currently being all around him — he is aware of so substantially. If I have a query about anything at all, I can just inquire Tom and most of the time he’ll know the solution. 

Given the clear marriage among your character and Tom’s, did his efficiency as Loki inspire yours?
I assume it was crucial for me to make Sylvie her have character. So I did not want to do an perception of Tom or test to copy his Loki — I’m awful at impressions. I got to know who Loki was and did exploration all-around that, but I begun from scratch really.

There are similarities, but a ton of that will come from the script and from their energy. She’s also mischievous and anarchic in her have way — that type of chaotic energy carries by. But I also required her to be her possess particular person.

Loki and Sylvie with knife

Sylvie isn’t amazed by Loki’s cleverness.

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That would make sense. Centered on episode 3, it appeared like these are two people today who’ve experienced really distinct life ordeals.
Guaranteed they have. Loki grew up as a prince and Sylvie did not.

“Must’ve been some would-be princesses or most likely another prince?” That line from episode 3 has gotten a big reaction. And I know Kate Herron explained acknowledging Loki is bisexual was one particular of the aims of the clearly show. Did that make you set a lot more fat on the line? It is really tricky to notify.
I was knowledgeable it was a definitely important illustration for the demonstrate and that the comics have talked about that for a long time with the mythology of Loki, so it was super essential. But I just played the line for the line I didn’t feel about it getting this significantly consideration when we were being filming. Which is superior I would have messed it up.

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