QWSTION Small Series: Less is More


The Swiss brand, QWSTION, has always been dedicated to sustainable and practical fashion. They produce an array of accessories and jackets, but their true specialty is creating bags. Their designs are timeless and very practical in use. The brand is perfectly suited for the urban traveler, whether they are traveling near or far. Their newest release, the Small Pack, is a modification of their previous backpack design. This smaller and more compact version has been scaled down so it has room for just the essentials. The Small Pack has useful features such as a padded inner compartment, two zippered outside pockets and adjustable backpack straps. It is simple, modern and high quality. The label uses organic cotton canvas fabric in a raw blend, and the bases are made from waxed, vegetable-tanned leather. This design is both environmentally conscious and appropriate for everyday use. The simple but chic bag can be sported for work or leisure. They also released a similar small bag called the Small Tote. This style shares many of the same features for storage, and it has an adjustable strap system that allows the tote to quickly be turned into a backpack. The innovative design makes it ideal for almost any occasion. 


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