E-shop hosting: What to look out for and which company to choose

E-shop hosting: What to look out for and which company to choose

Hosting an online store is very important for the subsequent success of your business. A slow web hosting will fill you with frustrated customers who will close your page before they even see a product.

On the contrary, a fast and well-established website will attract dozens of potential customers and if you have the right products it will start selling very soon!

Web hosting is a service that you should take very seriously before buying a package and study some of the following criteria that we will mention.

Choose a reputable, up-gradeable web hosting provider

The right thing – and more economical – is to start with a small hosting package and along the way and when your needs increase, upgrade to something bigger.

However, some providers may not respond to the upgrade you will need either due to lack of resources (e.g they may not have vps hosting or dedicated packages to upgrade from simple shared hosting) or due to lack of know-how.

You should definitely avoid such companies as when your online store grows – and this will definitely happen if you offer something innovative and valuable to your customers – you will not be able to support it in the same company and you will have to move to another web hosting provider. – a laborious process that will cost you time, money and maybe some time in downtime of your store.

Therefore, choose a company that offers upgrade options from the beginning and be able to use them as your business grows.

E-shop construction platform

The platform you will build your online store should be an easy to use one, with an active community and constant upgrades for new features as well as security issues.

Both WordPress and Prestashop software are among the best platforms for building sites and online stores. Both platforms are offered for free and have thousands of modules & plugins both paid and free, to bring your website to your own measures!

Prefer a reliable platform where there are no security vulnerabilities or when they arise it closes immediately with new versions. There are various software for creating a website and e-shop, but they are prone to hacker attacks, as a result of which you risk losing all your work!

Photographing your products

A very important factor in the success of your online store is the photos and the complete description of your products. Once a visitor enters your website, they probably know nothing about you, your company and your products.

With detailed clear, high-resolution photos as well as a detailed description, you can instantly provide it with all the information it needs about your product.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. So what you need to do is bring it as close to the product as possible with amazing photos and a detailed description of what is on offer!

Secure payments & data

Another important issue in online stores is secure payments. Every website should offer its customers a high level of security, especially when accepting credit card payments.

For these transactions you can either make them in-house (and save the card details yourself) or re-direct them to a bank with the corresponding payment module.

We suggest that you simply redirect the transaction to the secure environment of the bank so that you have no responsibility around the transactions, once it leaves your website to go to the bank environment!

However, you should pay special attention to the issue of personal data as well as all the data stored for your customers on your own server. Following the above instructions you can first select the appropriate web hosting provider for your online store and then start building the e-shop through ready-made – and very good – solutions such as WordPress & prestashop.

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