9 Most Gaudy Things We Will Love Forever!

Fashion leads us and often creates inspirations for how to dress, according to our personal taste and style, to make appearances that we like, match us and flatter us!

Because, however, “no fool”, we have to say that even fashion has done some very crazy things, check Galliano‘s designs, so extravagant and weird that ended up many times… ridiculous!

Let us travel you to some of the strangest, grotesque clothes that “sealed” the history of clothing and fashion:

Do you guys remember 90’s logos, or are you too ashamed to admit that you all once loved these gaudy things, and maybe, will always do!

This year we still wear logos. A brand repeats itself one or more times on our body. Previously, we left Calvin Klein’s underwear visible from our jeans, we wore Chanel earrings, and this John Galliano for Dior newspaper print dress, even if you missed one eye, you could see what brand it was, and you could also guess the price…

Now we’re wearing the name of the designer, as Sarah Jessica Parker did, at Met Gala. Sometimes our clothes talk about our personality, like Galliano‘s clothing, without saying words at all. Sometimes we love a lot those who made them… Actually, we do not need any excuse for wearing anything!

Whether it is an indication of wealth or taste, or it is a phase that you feel close to, or it’s just nice pieces we like. It’s part of fashion history and so we honour them!

See 9 of the oldest to the latest branded clothes and accessories that will never die!

1. The Moschino Leather Belt

10- things-love-4ever4

2. Double Chanel Earrings

10- things-love-4ever8

3. Ralph Lauren polo

Ralph Lauren polo

4. The adidas originals Stars

The adidas originals Stars

5. The Hoodie By Air

The Hoodie by Air

6. The dress – John Galliano newspaper for Christian Dior


7. Calvin Klein underwear

Calvin Klein underwear

8. The Kenzo Tigers

The Kenzo Tigers

9. The Pearls in Tom Ford’s T-Shirt

Tom Ford's T-Shirt

I wonder… Worship for logos is here again or has never left?


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