9 steps for bathroom renovation by AGS Engineering

9 steps for bathroom renovation by AGS Engineering

A bathroom renovation is the place most homeowners want to renovate first. They are considered one of the most common room renovations in a partial home renovation. The bathroom is the first place we visit in the morning and the last before going to bed at night. It is important, therefore, to be a beautiful and above all clean place.

9 steps for bathroom renovation

  1. Contact us for a free visit to your place, to do the technical inspection and to discuss together the changes you want in your place to satisfy your taste and needs.
  2. We can help you decide on the design and layout of the sanitary ware and furniture, so that you save space.
  3. Even a small bathroom with smart solutions can look great. We can also help you find the style that suits you.
  4. In the bathroom renovation we undertake the technical control in the plumbing, in the heating, in the electrical systems and the drainage. Before proceeding with the work, we locate and repair any points with moisture to avoid future damage.
  5. In the renovation of a bathroom we insist on the good quality of the pipes that we install. That is why the old pipes are replaced if they are not in good condition, so that there is no problem in the connection of the new sanitary ware. This saves you the cost of damage that may occur in the future.
  6. Sanitary ware, tiles and materials can be purchased by you, if you wish. But we can also buy them on your behalf at extremely affordable prices. Our company has many proposals for good quality sanitary ware (sinks, faucets, basins, bathtubs, showers, etc.) as well as tiles, at attractive prices. Our suppliers provide you with a guarantee for the excellent quality of its products and we provide you with a written guarantee for the excellent technical result of our work in your area.
  7. We undertake the dismantling of the old sanitary ware, tiles, piping and their disposal in special rubbish bins.
  8. We can send you a detailed written offer, with complete and clear information about the cost of the work and the prices of the sanitary ware. We have no hidden charges.
  9. Before we deliver the project to you, we do a thorough technical inspection to see that everything is working properly.

Why is bathroom renovation needed?

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of our home, a place of hygiene, relaxation and rejuvenation. That is why it must meet specific conditions, so that it is as functional, comfortable and elegant as possible.

Even if the exterior of our bathroom has the style we like and therefore we do not think about making changes, we should take into account what is hidden behind the tiles and sanitary ware. How old are the pipes? What damage has the sanitary ware and the tiles suffered? The answers to these questions should make you think about the need or not to renovate your bathroom.

Old plumbing and worn-out plumbing and sanitary ware can cause serious operational problems in the future. And you can prevent the damage that will be caused in the future, if you proceed to a pre-planned bathroom renovation that will not be done in a hurry. A renovation brings not only renewal to your space, but also maintenance of the plumbing networks and the entire building.

Bathroom renovation: Quality and low cost

How do economical prices for bathroom renovation combine with the quality result? Undoubtedly with the right choice of the technical team that will undertake the work. Our company can offer you the best quality and practical solutions, at the lowest possible cost, because we have years of experience and many happy customers.

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