holidays in Pelion 2022

5+1 most beautiful beaches for holidays in Pelion 2022

5+1 most beautiful beaches for holidays in Pelion 2022

Who said that only islands have beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters? Greece confirms the opposite… apart from the islands equally wonderful beaches can be found on almost the entire mainland, but here we will focus on the wonderful holidays in Pelion 2022!

So we take the car and good company, we arrive at Pelion, Lions Nine hotel and suites and its most beautiful beaches for the perfect swim!

Turquoise waters, lush vegetation that almost touches the sea and a wild, “divine” beauty. This is the triptych of the idyllic beaches of the “mythical” Pelion, the summer residence of the 12 gods of Olympus. In the following list, we have selected 5 + 1 of the most beautiful beaches, for diving in a setting that looks exotic. Discover them!

1. Mylopotamos beach for holidays in Pelion 2022

One of the most famous beaches of Eastern Pelion, with golden sand, small pebbles and a rock that cuts the beach in two leaving a passage and creating shade early on one beach. In August there are a lot of people and you might not enjoy it, as it barely fits everyone. However, if you reach it in a season without intense crowds, it is a truly dreamy beach.

Before going down to it, you can get coffee or water from the café located above the beach. Equally special is Mylopotamos, with its steep cliffs and its sandy golden treasure, which “divides” the sea in two parts with the presence of an imposing rock. Tip. Between Mylopotamos and Fakistra is the third and last beach of the area (wider than Tsagarada), the rocky Karavostasia.

2. Papa Nero beach for holidays in Pelion 2022

About 55 kilometers separate Volos from the most cosmopolitan resort of East Pelion, Agios Ioannis. Here you will find a long sandy beach, organized and with a blue flag, the famous Papa Nero.

Papa Nero beach in Pelion is located between Ag. Ioannis and Damouchari in Mouresi. Right at the borders of the beach of Ai Giannis you will find an impressive sandy beach, with the special name of Papa Nero.

Its crystal clear waters with its golden sandy beach, the blue Aegean waters and the green mountain that surrounds it make it look like an island.

3. Fakistra beach for holidays in Pelion 2022

Tsagarada is one of the most beautiful villages of Pelion and although it is characterized by its mountainous and wild beauty, it is the point where the mountain “dives” into the waters of the Aegean… It has very special beaches that have nothing to envy even from a Cycladic island . One of the most beautiful is definitely Fakistra, a beautiful and green bay that is relatively isolated and difficult but dreamy.

At a very close distance from Tsagarada, this is a favorite beach of eastern Pelion. As if protected by steep rocks, Fakistra “gives” its wild beauty and turquoise waters to anyone who makes the effort to go down to the creek. The path is relatively difficult and steep, and of course whoever descends it must have in the back of their mind that they will also have to climb it on the way back…

Deserted – not during the summer peak – with the vegetation reaching almost to the point where the waters of the Aegean burst, with fine sand and the imposing volumes that surround it, it compensates for every second of your holidays in Pelion 2022.

4. Agios Ioannis beach for holidays in Pelion 2022

Another beautiful and particularly cosmopolitan beach of Pelion, Agios Ioannis is one of the most loved beaches in the area, with golden sand, white pebbles and crystal clear waters. Near the village of the same name, the beach of Agios Ioannis is fully organized, while along with your dives you can enjoy water sports.

5. Murtias beach for holidays in Pelion 2022

A uniquely charming beach, with shallow, transparent crystal clear waters and imposing scattered rocks that form an idyllic natural landscape of exotic beauty.

The beach is not organized and is located a short distance from the village of Lyri.

5 + 1. Damouchari beach for holidays in Pelion 2022

Also accessible by a magical path from the village of Tsagarada, the wild beauty of Damouhari captivates visitors with its crystal clear waters and its beautiful white pebbles, known as “cobbles“.

Holidays in Pelion 2022
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Booking early your accommodation in Lions Nine hotel gives the advantage to be visit everyday another beach. All famous beaches are mostly half an hour away from Lions Nine hotel. Make your dreamy holidays in Pelion 2022 true!

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