10 Things Women Want from Men!

What do you do when you like a woman? You approach her and express your interest in getting to know her better. Unfortunately, however, women are a little more complicated for you. Women’s criteria are a bit more complex than simply “nice“, “sexy“, “smart“. However, there are also women than do not care about your smartness and appearance! You only have to have a big wallet to date an Athens escort girl.

To make a woman interested in you, there are some qualities she’s looking to find in the man who has it. Surely being attractive is not the only thing to look for.

See below 10 things women look for in men to understand what they are asking for.

What women are looking for in men

1. Appearance

Women care more about themselves than men. Surely you will not find hairs on their back or flabbiness. That’s why you should watch your appearance if you want to have some hope with that girl you like. Make sure you look dressed, wear clothes that suit you and have the right application and try to be in shape.

2. Passion

Passion is among the things a woman is looking for. She wants to feel that she deserves to be with you as you give her adventure, excitement, commitment, devotion and wonderful sex. If you want to be craving, then you have to show that you are passionate too. And of course I do not mean to have passion with your football team! Women want to see that you are also worried about more serious things in your life, just like your job.

3. Positive thinking

It is exhausting to be with someone who is cynical and sarcastic all the time. But when you are next to a person who has positive thinking, then that can give you endless energy. An optimistic person makes people around them feel good, and can motivate you. That is why women are looking for such a man.

4. Feeling of humour

And the sense of humour belongs to this category. You do not have to be the soul of the party, but surely having a sense of humour involves knowing how to say funny things, but also accepting it.

5. Independence

Women want to know that a man can take care of himself! They want someone next to them to make their own decisions, to be economically independent, to be able to survive without the help of his mom. No woman wants to take your mother’s place. Someone who constantly asks for advice, affirmation, motivation and help, is sure that no woman will attract him.

6. Sociality

A woman wants a guy next to her who can chat with her colleagues and friends at a meeting. She wants someone next to her to be social and not silent. He just wants to know that you will not be sitting in a corner when you are with other people.

7. Ambition

If you think women are only interested in money, then you make a big mistake. This may be true for some women, but not for all. Women are attracted to the men who are successful in their career, but not to the money they make. Success in your work also shows some other features of your personality: engagement, discipline. All these are examples of a good husband-to-be.

8. Communication skills

Women give priority to the men with whom they can talk, but they also have a willingness to hear or express what they feel and think. Most of the time what a woman wants from you is to hear her. I know it can be difficult. But if you show to a woman your ability to observe it, then you will have more hopes with her.

9. Intelligence

Many women consider smartness as sexy, as appearance. Certainly there were times when you felt like being the dumbest in the room. But you do not have to be in a difficult situation. Just avoid talking about something you know nothing about.

10. Confidence

Confidence is, in my opinion, the most important thing a woman is looking for in a man. You may not have the whole package, but if you feel good about yourself and what you have to offer, then you are very likely to attract the girl you like.

Every girl, even call girls or escorts are attracted by your stance and you confidence.

By looking at this list, I am sure that there are areas in which you already excel, but also areas that you can definitely improve. Whichever you belong, you have a chance to find the woman (Athens escorts) of your dreams.

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