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Is roofing part of home renovation?

Sometimes people get confused about what specific work is being done in their home and do not understand if roofing is part of home renovation. This is due to the fact that the management body does not adequately inform the people living in the house about what exactly is happening in the common areas. For example, when repairing the roof, it can easily be confused with a replacement. The fact is that the management body does not always notify the citizens about the specific manipulations and it is easy to confuse each other. In addition, few tenants control the process of making roof repairs in their home…

How to distinguish roof repairs from replacement?

A common and widespread case is land improvement works. This activity can be done both as part of a major overhaul and as part of an ongoing one. It is easy to deceive citizens and make them believe that work is being done for those who are more global than has been done in the context of current actions. Both major and ongoing roof repairs are mandatory procedures that must be performed in a timely manner. They allow the house to remain in working order and not only be in a miserable condition for a long time.

If you want your roofing company to carry out all the actions in accordance with the law and to carry out the necessary operations with the house in time, you must know the current legislation and its constant change, to understand that there is a difference between major and current repairs. Know your rights and then no one can violate them. The roof repair is not easy, but necessary. This is a great job that requires a lot of natural and material costs. Sometimes we really want to change the environment, add bright colors, change the design of the roof. This is a serious matter and must be dealt with responsibly.

However, most of homeowners who have undertaken such changes have no construction education and can not properly assess the scale of the work being performed.

Repair is divided into two types:

  • mains
  • cosmetics


Initially, we will try to disassemble each item in more detail and already in the sequence we will understand what the differences are between them. The work involves the replacement of electrical wiring, windows, doors, roofing, equipment, sanding and wall painting, flooring with new coatings. In other words, complete reconstruction of the building, which, in addition, may include renovation.

Basically, major roof repairs are enough for about 20 years, provided the owners take care of the house and constantly make small cosmetic updates.

General repair of buildings includes:

  • replacement of certain components or certain devices due to wear
  • replacement of technical equipment; a number of some instruments increase the degree of improvement of interior spaces (modernization)
  • repair of window sills, planks, slopes
  • selection of a project plan; installation of plumbing, pipes. wall preparation, painting; laying parquet, laminate, tiles
  • roofing and much more. In the provided case, the physical damage of the structure is completely or partially eliminated. The project involves a change of engineering supplies and brings a second life to the building structures.


In turn, the overhaul is divided into subspecies:

  • complex
  • selective


In the first case, the whole building is covered or a separate part, which is significantly damaged and needs urgent renovation. And in the second version, as a rule, only partially replaced certain parts of the roofing that are partially or completely worn out. Overhaul requires the use of only those materials that can fully meet all the requirements for roof reconstruction.

Roofing maintenance

The current roof repair is aimed at transforming the exterior of the building, which previously operated; in this case, no construction is replaced. Therefore, it is much easier to make an estimate and the cost of such work, respectively, is much lower.

Repairs include:

  • installation of doors, skirting boards, slopes
  • plumbing replacement; installation or replacement of switches
  • roof installation (plasterboard or stretch ceiling)
  • wall painting; laying parquet, tiles, laminate
  • small decorative work and so on.


The time spent on current repairs is significantly shorter than in the case of major renovations. In most cases, this is 10-20 days. It is also worth noting the reconstruction. It is mentioned in the article. Generally, these are light, unnecessary jobs. Such is the sure restoration of the spaces with the aim of the external improvement of their aesthetic condition.

Renovation includes painting walls, ceilings, floors, doors, skirting boards, laminate or other flooring and more. Renovation is the modernization of a living space with the help of the latest technologies and techniques. In this case, it is necessary to seek help only from highly qualified Montclair Roofing specialists in New Jersey. Here we are talking about innovations such as underfloor heating, installation of filters, electrical systems, and something like that can only be entrusted to experienced Montclair Roofers.

Basic differences between repair and maintenance

Having become more familiar with each type of work, we will try to identify the main differences between the two modernizations, which, at first glance, differ slightly:

  • current repairs change the appearance of the premises only insignificantly, helps to eliminate minor defects, which include cracks in the wall, peeling of wallpaper, scratches on parquet and many more. Anyone can perform such work; no special knowledge is required for this. The main rule is to equip the right tools (brushes, rollers, glue, glue, sealant). Current repairs require little time and financial investment, as the work is very insignificant.
  • can be restored profitable and fast appearance of living rooms, for example, glue wallpaper, paint the floor and walls, restore windows and doors. This type of exterior transformation of buildings can be applied standard shape where application of finishing materials is not necessary at all, and when necessary (replacement of skirting, floor coverings, roofing, replacement of wallpaper for painting).


The overhaul is the opposite of the current one. And there are some reasons for this.

A major reconstruction and change of the interior and exterior of the premises requires the use of additional constructions. The easy way covers the painting and decoration of walls, the replacement of plumbing and electrical, assembly work … The advanced method includes additional installation of various designs, including decorative (arches, niches, columns). Trust a responsible company better for Montclair Roofing specialist…

Of course, you can do all the work yourself, but only an experienced gentleman is able to comply with all technologies and standards, provide a guarantee for the work done and makes the operation of the premises as safe as possible. It requires much longer repair time, as well as financial cost. The restoration of the spaces takes much longer, but the work is done much better and the period between the upgrades is much longer. In addition to renovation, reference should be made to reconstruction. This is a rather laborious process where painting walls and replacing roofing is not enough. Such projects involve a dramatic change in the appearance of the structure – complete or partial.

Thanks to the renovation, the size and shape of the buildings change. Often, work is done to change the renovation of the building and change the profile of the premises, for example, from an office to a shopping center. An industrial building can be used after a major renovation for a home, retail stores, offices, hotel rooms… In other words, a renovation is a change in the design of a building to increase or decrease or change the target direction.

What will be the final information I will receive?

Apart from the fact that you can demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired, such an experience will be useful if you need to hire workers to perform such roofing repair work. In this case, it is possible, without the help of a specialist, to determine the degree of necessary work and to clearly define the goals that have been set for employees.

Since major repairs will require significantly more labor and material costs than in the case of current changes, being well aware of this issue will help you better plan your budget. In recent years, government agencies, management organizations and homeowners have been facing intense issues related to the maintenance of residential real estate and the implementation of major roof repairs. The importance of the problem is due to the increase of the financial burden of the citizens for the maintenance of communal housing and to a significant devaluation of the housing stock.

Dear readers, our articles talk about standard ways of resolving legal issues, but each case is unique. If you want to know exactly how to solve your roofing problem – contact Montclair Roofing. It’s fast and free!

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