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Carpentry work in your houses

Carpentry work in your houses

In this article we will look at the possibilities we have regarding carpentry in home renovations. There are many jobs that require carpentry when it comes to renovating a home or business. as well as the materials are many. when the customer requests wooden construction then we can choose not only solid wood but also chipboard, MDF or even melamine.

If we want to have the maximum quality then the best and best choice is solid wood. in different cases when you take me it starts and asks for a cost reduction then we can go to some lower options such as the ones we mentioned above, namely chipboard or melamine.

Solid timber in home renovation

The solid wood gives the owner of the renovated house the feeling that he now lives in a palace, in a palace. The quality solid wood gives the space the style and the feeling that we are entering a luxurious apartment.

An apartment with solid wood frames will look at least ten years younger when the renovation of the house is completed. We want the perfect result in every renovation work we undertake. We choose solid wood to offer the homeowner the perfect result. You can read more in our article that tells us about solid wood in home renovation.

Why should you choose solid wood?

The most important reason for choosing solid wood is the superiority of the genuine over the imitation. It is the overwhelming superiority of natural wood over synthetic. This parallel says it all. Do you understand why you should choose solid wood?

We all want to have the best quality in our home. Only sawn timber can give us this effect. Either we are talking about the kitchen doors, or we are talking about the frames on the interior doors. But also when we refer to the carpenter who will make the furniture of your house then we recommend to choose solid wood.

What is solid wood?

Strange as it may seem to you, many do not know exactly what solid wood is. And we have to explain quite often what the phrase means. Solid wood is synonymous with sawn wood. By this term we refer to solid wood which is a single piece and can be used as is for carpentry work. When the wood is solid, i.e solid, then it retains all the advantages of natural wood.

This is, after all, the reason why very often solid wood is explicitly and explicitly demanded and not any other type of wood. Also the real suppliers of genuine sawn timber are few. We work with the top part. Here you can go to the website of one of the leading distributors of solid wood.

Carpentry in your home renovation

In a home renovation there is often a need for carpentry. The most common of the carpentry works of a renovation are the kitchen doors. Another common renovation job that requires a carpenter is the frames on the interior doors. The choice of solid wood completely takes off the overall final result in each house that is undergoing renovation.

Many homeowners prefer solid wood doors for kitchen renovations. If a home renovation is taking place it is a pity to leave out the kitchen renovation. Every day man wants to eat and necessarily spends many hours in the kitchen room. He obviously wants to feel comfortable.

That is why we recommend solid wood in kitchen renovation. In case the living room is an open space with the kitchen we have an additional reason to use solid wood for the doors. Guests of the house will see your kitchen very often. Sawn wood guarantees the best image of your cabinets. It is inconceivable not to use solid wood if you want the perfect result for the renovation of your kitchen.

Kitchen renovation with Kitchen renovation with Italian wood kitchens

The absolute top choice to put in the kitchen renovation are our offers in Italian cuisines. even more top is to choose Italian wood kitchens. Heavy wood constructions will allow you to have the perfect kitchen. We work with the leading Italian companies and we are able to have offers in Italian cuisines with excellent quality.

When the kitchen is made of solid wood then it will have the maximum duration in time. here to add that the solid wood in your kitchen will give an image of extremely luxurious and expensive construction. in the offers you can see a wide range of Italian cuisines.

Solid wood in the closets

Another part of the house where we recommend the use of solid wood are the closets. Imagine a wardrobe made of real solid wood with brake mechanisms that prevent it from hitting one wood on top of the other. we are essentially talking about the ultimate construction. Solid wood wardrobes will be a jewel for your bedroom. When one enters his bedroom he wants to feel that he is in a very familiar and very own and very personal space.

The hottest material for this purpose is solid wood. To complete the proposal for a bedroom made of solid wood on the floor and solid wood in the closets will be the top point of the house from which you will never feel like leaving.

Home refurbishment

It is your requirements for the renovation of your company, Gikas Painting is able to complete the project with the best specifications. Whether you want to play with economy in mind or with luxury in mind, we have the right choice. We have the super luxury renovation packages but we also have the simple luxury renovation packages. All packages meet the quality standards so that you can have your home for many decades without requiring any repairs.

Because for us this means quality work on renovations. Basically what we do is the reconstruction of the house so that you can enter a brand new newly built house. For us, renovation and reconstruction are synonymous. This imposes on us the consistency towards the owner of each house that we undertake to renovate. This is for us at Gikas Painting, the home renovation experts.

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