What is the Cadastre Survey in Greece?

What is the Cadastre Survey in Greece?

The development of Cadastre (Cadastral survey) at a region is defined as the treatment of taping the real property or other registrable civil liberties (e.g. full or limited possession, pre-notification or other real estate encumbrance, etc.). This survey an individual or a legal entity has on real estates of a details area of the country and also the link of these rights to a particular residential property or residential properties, as the latter are defined as well as shown, after being inspected and also technically refined, on cadastral layouts.

On videotaping a real property right, a series of lawful information (register as well as ID details of the recipient, method of procurement of the right, information of the action with which the right was obtained, and so on) are likewise videotaped. Furthermore, land parcels are illustrated on cadastral diagrams in outright accuracy with details node coordinates that describe the Hellenic Geodetic Reference System (EGSA ’87), specific boundaries and property areas.

Consequently, the cadastral survey procedure targets at collecting, handling and recording residential property and other registrable rights per building yet additionally at gathering as well as processing details that enable the most precise possible depiction of land parcels on cadastral representations.

More details about Cadastre Surveying

In 2008, Cadastre Survey begins in 107 urban Communities of the nation. The 2/3 of the populace of the nation are associated with the treatments of the Ktimatologio SA.

The general public can be educated in detail through the ‘Online Search Engine of Regions” regarding the cadastral survey phase for their region, as well as about the appropriate deadlines for submitting of affirmations or sending of adjustment applications as well as charms, for both brand-new and previous programs.

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