Is roofing part of home renovation?

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Sometimes people get confused about what specific work is being done in their home and do not understand if roofing is part of home renovation. This is due to the fact that the management body does not adequately inform the people living in the house about what exactly is happening in the common areas. For example, when repairing the roof, it can easily be confused with a replacement. The fact is that the management body does not always notify the citizens about the specific manipulations and it is easy to confuse each other. In addition, few tenants control the process of making roof repairs in their home…

How to distinguish roof repairs from replacement?

A common and widespread case is land improvement works. This activity can be done both as part of a major overhaul and as part of an ongoing one. It is easy to deceive citizens and make them believe that work is being done for those who are more global than has been done in the context of current actions. Both major and ongoing roof repairs are mandatory procedures that must be performed in a timely manner. They allow the house to remain in working order and not only be in a miserable condition for a long time.

If you want your roofing company to carry out all the actions in accordance with the law and to carry out the necessary operations with the house in time, you must know the current legislation and its constant change, to understand that there is a difference between major and current repairs. Know your rights and then no one can violate them. The roof repair is not easy, but necessary. This is a great job that requires a lot of natural and material costs. Sometimes we really want to change the environment, add bright colors, change the design of the roof. This is a serious matter and must be dealt with responsibly.

However, most of homeowners who have undertaken such changes have no construction education and can not properly assess the scale of the work being performed.

Repair is divided into two types:

  • mains
  • cosmetics


Initially, we will try to disassemble each item in more detail and already in the sequence we will understand what the differences are between them. The work involves the replacement of electrical wiring, windows, doors, roofing, equipment, sanding and wall painting, flooring with new coatings. In other words, complete reconstruction of the building, which, in addition, may include renovation.

Basically, major roof repairs are enough for about 20 years, provided the owners take care of the house and constantly make small cosmetic updates.

General repair of buildings includes:

  • replacement of certain components or certain devices due to wear
  • replacement of technical equipment; a number of some instruments increase the degree of improvement of interior spaces (modernization)
  • repair of window sills, planks, slopes
  • selection of a project plan; installation of plumbing, pipes. wall preparation, painting; laying parquet, laminate, tiles
  • roofing and much more. In the provided case, the physical damage of the structure is completely or partially eliminated. The project involves a change of engineering supplies and brings a second life to the building structures.


In turn, the overhaul is divided into subspecies:

  • complex
  • selective


In the first case, the whole building is covered or a separate part, which is significantly damaged and needs urgent renovation. And in the second version, as a rule, only partially replaced certain parts of the roofing that are partially or completely worn out. Overhaul requires the use of only those materials that can fully meet all the requirements for roof reconstruction.

Roofing maintenance

The current roof repair is aimed at transforming the exterior of the building, which previously operated; in this case, no construction is replaced. Therefore, it is much easier to make an estimate and the cost of such work, respectively, is much lower.

Repairs include:

  • installation of doors, skirting boards, slopes
  • plumbing replacement; installation or replacement of switches
  • roof installation (plasterboard or stretch ceiling)
  • wall painting; laying parquet, tiles, laminate
  • small decorative work and so on.


The time spent on current repairs is significantly shorter than in the case of major renovations. In most cases, this is 10-20 days. It is also worth noting the reconstruction. It is mentioned in the article. Generally, these are light, unnecessary jobs. Such is the sure restoration of the spaces with the aim of the external improvement of their aesthetic condition.

Renovation includes painting walls, ceilings, floors, doors, skirting boards, laminate or other flooring and more. Renovation is the modernization of a living space with the help of the latest technologies and techniques. In this case, it is necessary to seek help only from highly qualified Montclair Roofing specialists in New Jersey. Here we are talking about innovations such as underfloor heating, installation of filters, electrical systems, and something like that can only be entrusted to experienced Montclair Roofers.

Basic differences between repair and maintenance

Having become more familiar with each type of work, we will try to identify the main differences between the two modernizations, which, at first glance, differ slightly:

  • current repairs change the appearance of the premises only insignificantly, helps to eliminate minor defects, which include cracks in the wall, peeling of wallpaper, scratches on parquet and many more. Anyone can perform such work; no special knowledge is required for this. The main rule is to equip the right tools (brushes, rollers, glue, glue, sealant). Current repairs require little time and financial investment, as the work is very insignificant.
  • can be restored profitable and fast appearance of living rooms, for example, glue wallpaper, paint the floor and walls, restore windows and doors. This type of exterior transformation of buildings can be applied standard shape where application of finishing materials is not necessary at all, and when necessary (replacement of skirting, floor coverings, roofing, replacement of wallpaper for painting).


The overhaul is the opposite of the current one. And there are some reasons for this.

A major reconstruction and change of the interior and exterior of the premises requires the use of additional constructions. The easy way covers the painting and decoration of walls, the replacement of plumbing and electrical, assembly work … The advanced method includes additional installation of various designs, including decorative (arches, niches, columns). Trust a responsible company better for Montclair Roofing specialist…

Of course, you can do all the work yourself, but only an experienced gentleman is able to comply with all technologies and standards, provide a guarantee for the work done and makes the operation of the premises as safe as possible. It requires much longer repair time, as well as financial cost. The restoration of the spaces takes much longer, but the work is done much better and the period between the upgrades is much longer. In addition to renovation, reference should be made to reconstruction. This is a rather laborious process where painting walls and replacing roofing is not enough. Such projects involve a dramatic change in the appearance of the structure – complete or partial.

Thanks to the renovation, the size and shape of the buildings change. Often, work is done to change the renovation of the building and change the profile of the premises, for example, from an office to a shopping center. An industrial building can be used after a major renovation for a home, retail stores, offices, hotel rooms… In other words, a renovation is a change in the design of a building to increase or decrease or change the target direction.

What will be the final information I will receive?

Apart from the fact that you can demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired, such an experience will be useful if you need to hire workers to perform such roofing repair work. In this case, it is possible, without the help of a specialist, to determine the degree of necessary work and to clearly define the goals that have been set for employees.

Since major repairs will require significantly more labor and material costs than in the case of current changes, being well aware of this issue will help you better plan your budget. In recent years, government agencies, management organizations and homeowners have been facing intense issues related to the maintenance of residential real estate and the implementation of major roof repairs. The importance of the problem is due to the increase of the financial burden of the citizens for the maintenance of communal housing and to a significant devaluation of the housing stock.

Dear readers, our articles talk about standard ways of resolving legal issues, but each case is unique. If you want to know exactly how to solve your roofing problem – contact Montclair Roofing. It’s fast and free!

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The adjustment of an oil burner

The adjustment of an oil burner

Talking about the adjustment of an oil burner, we mean making the right setting so the burner produce the best burning effect it cans, consuming the less oil. This technics should be done by an oil burner technician, a man that has the special equipment needed to measure the burn process.

Facilities in operation

Existing heating plants of homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, or other similar uses that use diesel oil, there is exhaust heat loss, volume by volume of carbon dioxide (CO2). The maximum permissible value of the soot indicator and the exhaust gas temperature are defined as follows:

Buildings that have fixed combustion hotspots with a total thermal power greater than or equal to 400,000 Kcal / h:

  • Maximum permissible value of heat losses with the exhaust gases: 20%
  • Minimum permissible value of the carbon dioxide (CO2) content of the exhaust gases: 10%
  • Maximum permissible value of the soot index: 1 on the Bacharach scale
  • Minimum permissible exhaust gas temperature: 180 ° C.

For buildings with fixed combustion sources with a total thermal power of less than 400,000 Kcal / h:

  • Maximum permissible value of heat losses with the exhaust gases: 20%
  • Minimum permissible value of the carbon dioxide (CO2) content of the exhaust gases: 9%
  • Maximum permissible value of the soot index: 2 on the Bacharach scale
  • Minimum permissible exhaust gas temperature: 180 ° C.

Oil burner adjustment in new installations

For a new oil burner installations that use diesel oil and is going to be installed in new or old buildings:

  • Maximum allowable value of heat losses with exhaust gases 15%
  • Minimum allowable soot index value from 0-1 on the Bacharach scale.

Exhaust gas temperature setting

The thermometer for measuring the exhaust gas temperature should be placed at a distance of about 20 cm from the boiler outlet. The measurement must start when the boiler water temperature reaches 80 ° C. If the exhaust gas temperature is higher than 180 ° C, then change the injector by installing a smaller supply.

If the temperature is lower than the amount of the 180 °C, we make use of bigger injectors. We can make the oil pressure less or more if we are allowed to do so. Of course, if this is a small increase or decrease in the exhaust gas temperature

It is understood that the combustion surfaces of the boiler are clean, because smoke 2 mm thick on the surface of the boiler, increases the flue gas temperature by about 40 ° C.

CO2 regulation

The regulation of the CO2 content of the exhaust gases is done by reducing or increasing the air supply from the oil burner and mixing it with the oil. Thus, if we reduce the fan air supply we have an increase of% CO2 and if the burner operates with excess air then this content is low.

With a little air, however, we have an increase in CO2 but also an increase in the soot index. So before adjusting the CO2 content of the exhaust gas, we must adjust the burner so that we have the allowable soot value. If we achieve this and the CO2 content is low, then we try to achieve the right mix of fuel and air by moving the diffuser forward or backward. CO2 is measured with special instruments.

Air adjustment

The measurement of the soot index in the exhaust gases is done with instruments. High soot content in the exhaust gas means a small amount of air in relation to the combustible material. Adjust the burner air supply so that the soot indicator value is within the allowable limits.

Heat losses

We should know the temperature of the exhaust gases and the CO2 content. Then with the help of a scale, we find the heat loss with the exhaust gases. The lower the temperature of the exhaust gases and the higher their CO2 content, the lower this loss.

Annual Degree of Performance

Perhaps the most important element in a central heating installation is the annual degree of efficiency. This, together with the right choice of boiler power, is a prerequisite for fuel economy. The degree of combustion efficiency or the degree of efficiency of the boiler, do not give a complete picture of the size of fuel consumption. To have a complete picture, we need to know the annual efficiency of the installation.

Annual efficiency

Annual efficiency is the energy (heat) produced by the boiler, minus the exhaust gas losses, the thermal losses of the boiler and the shutdown losses of the installation. That is, the heat we have for space heating and domestic hot water.

  • Exhaust gas losses are the heat we lose from the chimney
  • Boiler losses, is the heat emitted by the boiler to the environment, during its operation
  • Interruption losses are the heat that the boiler loses to the environment and the chimney, while the burner is off
  • Combustion efficiency, is the combustion heat (100%) minus exhaust losses

Ideally, we should have an annual efficiency of 100%, which means that all the energy produced was converted into useful energy. Of course, this is practically impossible because we already have 10% losses from the hot exhaust gases (180 degrees Celsius), which come out of the chimney.

We also have losses from the boiler, the piping, etc. In the best case, the efficiency of the whole installation can be around 86%. Even this value is rarely achieved and only when the installation is new.

High degree of efficiency

In order to have a high degree of efficiency, the followitg are required:

  • Boiler and piping strongly insulated
  • The boiler should not be on standby, to avoid interruption and operation losses
  • High degree of combustion efficiency (over 90%)
  • Small in size boiler, with low water content and according to requirements (not much larger than required)


We should take a careful look at the possible points of loss in a central heating system.  then one will find that it is not at all unlikely that an official survey revealed an average annual efficiency of less than 40%. This means that 60% of the fuel we buy is lost.

Our goal is to get as close as possible to 90%. We can achieve this by buying a modern economical boiler, and a modern oil burner. But have in mind that modern installation alone is not enough. It needs modern perception and knowledge for its proper operation. For example, from a single window that remains slightly open, we have within 10 hours losses, which correspond to about 3.5 liters of oil.

We hope we make our best effort to give you the knownledge that is required for this type of work. Note that in order to have the better results, especially in fuel economy, this is a maintenance that should be done by a technician. This is the right man, having the necessary equipment to perform this kind of tasks.

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Improve the exterior of the house in five simple steps

The doors are worn out, the plaster has started to fall, the color of the walls has lost its shine, the irons are rusty… The exterior painting of your house is not at its best! Is it time to do something about it?

What you will surely know is that the first image plays a decisive role in every level of our life, whether it is the acquaintance of a new person or the entrance of our house. Especially if you are thinking of renting or selling your home, you will have to make some small improvements, if you want its appearance to win the best of impressions, at the very first glance. In Gikas Painting Service in Montclair  we identify some key points in the exterior of your home that will help you to change its image easily and economically and gain ground in the battle of renting and selling.

Take care of the walls

The exterior walls are one of the first elements that you and every visitor notices when he arrives at your home. Even the most beautiful colors can not stand out when they are worn or dirty. You may not, however, need to repaint the wall to regain its lost luster. Maybe it’s just time to do a good cleaning, to give light again to the exterior of your home.

Paint the front door

The door is the first thing you see before entering your home. So, if time has not treated her in the best way, you should take care of either the change or its repair. If you are not willing to spend money to replace your old, worn front door, then you should definitely paint it.

Rub and paint the skirting

The skirting board, in case you did not know it, is that narrow, horizontal strip that covers the bottom of the wall and separates it from the floor. In addition to their functional roles, skirting boards also play a very important role in the external appearance of the house. With a simple scrubbing and painting, your home will gain many years of youth externally. This little treatment on your wall, is sure to win the impressions.

Put green outdoors

The most economical way to give a refreshing air to your home is to let the power of nature do it for you. If the plants on your balcony or garden are untidy or withered, the exterior of your home will definitely not cultivate the most positive emotions. Put greenery and colors outdoors, planting beautiful flowers and shrubs and you will immediately see the changes.

Repair pergolas and awnings

Especially if you live in an apartment building, you will know how important the care of the terrace is for the view of the house from the street. Torn awnings and faded pergolas, no doubt, create a very bad image for both you and the visitor or prospective tenant who will see them. If it’s time to repair awnings or pergolas outside your home, no more procrastination.

5 Exterior home colors that win impressions!

Color plays a crucial role in our lives. That is why we pay so much attention to the colors that surround us, whether it is the clothes we wear or the decoration of our home. Some relax us, others fill the space with energy, while there are some that can even help us concentrate. While we spend a lot of time in the interior design of our space, we are rarely concerned with the exterior colors of houses.

Rarely will you see the exterior painting of a house go beyond white, off-white or gray. Maybe because it is a big expense and a task that is done much less often than painting the interior walls, we are afraid to get away from the classic options. This is a safe choice that you will not regret in the long run. Today we will see some timeless exterior wall colors in photos to decide which one would best suit your home!

1. Exterior walls in white color

As in all other aspects of our lives, so in the facade of the house, the exterior colors of the walls play an extremely important role in the first impression that one will create. And this is because they form our first image of the house. White is one of the favorite exterior colors of houses in our country. Classic, clean, neutral, it is quite difficult to create negative impressions. As white, however, gets dirty easily, you should take care of it at regular intervals so that it always looks great.

2. Exterior wall paints in ocher tones

The shade of sand is another timeless choice if you are looking for exterior colors of houses with timeless value. On the plus side we have to note that it matches any style of decoration you want to give to your home. Whether you choose traditional wooden frames or you prefer modern aluminum frames, the colors that move in ocher tones will “tie” perfectly with the exterior of your home.

3. Exterior house colors in shades of salmon

Salmon and faded pink are a very special choice for painting the exterior walls of a house . They travel us to the South of Italy and give an air of luxury to the appearance of the house. Since this is not an option that we encounter every day on the streets of our country, you should consider whether these colors can be harmonized with the external environment and the landscape of your neighborhood. If you live in a coastal area or in the mountains, salmon will definitely win the impressions. You can even try a special wall style, such as the Italian “spugnato” .

4. Paints for exterior home painting in light gray

Gray is one of the top colors on the market for both exterior and interior painting of a house. If you are looking for a color that can be easily combined with all types of windows, with the surrounding area but also other elements, such as stone and wood, then light gray is the best choice. Combines beautifully with wooden pergolas and stone details on the exterior walls.

5. Combination of colors in the exterior painting of the house

If you do not want to limit yourself to just one color in the exterior painting of your home , the best solution is to combine them. You can paint one side of the wall in a light shade and the other in a darker one. To emphasize elements of the space, such as columns, eaves or shutters, choose opposite shades. If the wall has a light shade, for example, choose a darker shade for other elements of the space. Ideally choose light shades for the sides of the house that see the most sun.

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How to combine your oversized coat in winter

We love oversized clothes from whether it is summer or winter. In winter, however, we choose and prefer them because they allow us to snuggle, warm up and feel comfortable even when we are outside. However, oversized clothes such as our coat need a little care in our combinations with other clothes and accessories.

An oversized coat can very easily look ugly and out of place in your image due to the large size that ‘does not fit’ in your body. To support this style you only need to follow some basic fashion rules which you will find below.

Wear skinny jeans or leggings

The wide coat will bring volume to the upper part of the body, so the best choice for the lower part of the body is to choose something glued such as a pair of jeans or leggings. In this way you will balance your image and you will not do injustice to your body.

Pair the oversized coat with sneakers or boots

One thing you need to know about oversized coat combinations is what shoes to choose. The best choices you can make are either boots or sneakers. Prefer relatively bulky shoes as this will help to have uniformity and continuity in your outfit: wide coat, tight pants, bulky shoes. Shoes with thick soles and tractor soles are also a perfect choice.

Wear the oversized coat with a crossbody bag to accentuate your silhouette

In an outfit with an oversized coat or jacket, the coat is what dominates your image. To break the monotony, you can wear a crossbody bag in a different color from the one on the coat. This way, you will give extra color to your outfit and you will slightly emphasize your silhouette.

Add winter accessories such as a hat, cap or scarf

Accessories are very important in an outfit with an oversized coat. Accessories are your way of making every outfit with the same coat different. Another day you can wear a hat, another day a scarf with color and another day a hat. Make combinations of accessories and do not forget the jewelry.

Add a little color to your oversized outfit

At a time when colors such as black, brown, beige and gray predominate, it is a good idea to add a little color to your image. Especially when you wear an oversized coat where the color of the coat dominates, combine it with colored accessories to break the monochrome and give interest and style to your appearance. Alternatively, you can put the color with an intense lipstick or intense color in your shoes.

Oversized sweater

Sweaters are one of the most common clothes in winter as they are easy to combine, they are comfortable and warm. But it is such a simple garment that it often becomes boring. So you can upgrade the collection with your oversized sweaters! You can combine them with jeans, leather pants or leggings. If the sweater is long enough, you can wear it as a dress and combine it with tights and boots or high boots. You can also put a belt in the middle to better highlight your silhouette!

Oversized suit

The fashion of oversized has reached the suits as well. This classic and timeless outfit is present in every woman’s wardrobe. The femininity but also the austerity that it brings out make it unique. In its oversized version it still flatters your body and gives you a new, fresher and more modern look. You can wear it both at work and on a night out by adding the right accessories and shoes and changing your makeup and hairstyle!

Oversized coat

Oversized coats are top in fashion trends. The classic gray, beige and black coats are easy to wear and elegant, but if you want to make a difference you can choose a coat with a design or a more intense color. The large size is very practical as it gives you the opportunity to dress warmer from the inside, that is, to put more clothes and do layering! You can also make the upset by combining it with your sneakers, giving your outfit a more sporty mood.

Oversized sweatshirt

The sweatshirts refer to a more sporty style. Having oversized sweatshirts in your wardrobe can take off your style and make a difference. Combine it with jeans or leggings for a more comfortable and everyday outfit. Otherwise you can wear it with high boots and make it more feminine and playful. Sweatshirts usually have hoods, ie extra volume in the neck, so try to gather your hair for a more elegant look. It’s something different and you will definitely catch the eye.

Oversized shirt

The oversized shirt gives an interesting style, as well as the feeling that you borrowed the shirt of your loved one. Like the sweater and the sweatshirt can be worn as a dress. With an oversized shirt you will have a light and cool style and at the same time you will be comfortable. It is a garment that definitely suits you since you can bring it to your measurements by combining it appropriately depending on your style!

Gikas painting in Montclair

The guide to proper home painting!

Do you want to paint your house and have questions? Find answers to each of your questions from our professional painters of Gikas Painting in Montclair in the text below!

What is color?

Paint, formerly used as the term paint, is a material usually in liquid form, which when spread on a surface, forms a cohesive, opaque or transparent film that adheres to it. As a result, the paint offers protection to the surfaces and with the various shades, decorates and beautifies them. Protects the surface from damage caused by factors such as sun, adverse weather conditions, humidity, pollutants, dust, mold, rust, chemicals, mechanical stress. It decorates the surface and improves its aesthetic result.
Thus, the paint can in addition to protecting the applied surface:
• To change the appearance and the atmosphere, even to “change” them
dimensions of a space.
• To influence the mood of the people who live and work in it.
• To emphasize and “tie” the other decorative elements together.
• To illuminate the spaces and give them their own special personality.

What are the main components of a paint?

• The carrier – binder
• The pigments
• The additives
• The diluent

What are the ingredients of the paint?

•  The player
The carrier (resin / polymer), is the component that has the greatest effect on the final color quality. The specific type, quality and quantity of the carrier in the paint, determine the following properties of the paint: resistance to weather conditions, dirt and washing, gloss, adhesion, resistance to breakage.
•  The pigments
The paint contains basic pigments such as titanium dioxide, colored organic and inorganic dyes as well as fillers such as calcium carbonate. The basic pigments give the color opacity, resistance to chalk, unchanged shades, while the fillers are mainly used to give volume and reduce the cost. Quality paints contain more basic dyes than fillers.
•  The additives
Additives represent the smallest percentage in the color components, but provide the final indication of the color quality giving desirable properties that would otherwise be missing. Specifically, they identify in the color: rheological properties which are necessary for its correct and easy application, the appearance of the final product, the stability during storage, they prevent foaming both during production and application and improve the drying.
•  The diluent
The diluent, water or organic solvent, helps to create the film of color by evaporation.
The quality of the paint depends on the ratio of its basic components in the final composition of the product, as well as on the specific quality of the individual materials used.

What are plastic paints?

Plastic paints are mainly applied to interior painting walls and ceilings. Excellent plastic paints must have:
• high coverage and efficiency
• very good clothesline
• not get dirty easily
• withstand frequent washing
• have high whiteness and keep their shades vivid and unchanged for a long time
• have a consistent quality

What are acrylic paints?

Acrylic paints are mainly applied to exterior surfaces of plaster or concrete. Excellent Acrylic exterior paints must be characterized by:
• high coverage and efficiency
• high resistance to severe weather conditions and air pollutants
• vivid and unchanging shades high mechanical strength, ie hardness and elasticity
• be certified cool colors.

How are wall and roof sealants used?

Wall & Roof Sealants are acrylic based paints and are used to protect a building from the ingress of water or moisture into it. The main requirements of these products are:
• to ensure the waterproofing of the surface
• remain elastic in frost and high temperatures
• to be applied easily and quickly to have very good adhesion
• be certified cool colors.

What are ripolins?

Ripolines are the most common color category for painting metal and wood surfaces. An excellent ripoline should have:
• high coverage and efficiency
• easy work and good spread
• very good finish
• high resistance to solar radiation and chemical pollution
• high whiteness and vivid and unchanging shades
• be user-friendly and environmentally friendly, lead-free and colorless

What are water repolins?

Water repellents are the new generation of water-based varnishes, user-friendly and environmentally friendly, for painting wooden surfaces and walls. The main properties that Water Ripolins must have are:
• have high coverage
• have very good application properties
• be odorless, which means ideal for indoor living
• have vivid and unchanging shades
• not to turn yellow

What characteristics should anti-rust substrates have?

The painting preparation of metal surfaces requires the application of anti-rust substrates, which must:
• provide strong rust protection
• have strong adhesion, high performance and
• user and environment friendly composition, without lead and chromium

What are wall primers?

Wall primers are the substrates that prepare the surface to accept the final color. Excellent Wall Primers must:
• penetrates the surface and has strong adhesion
• insulates and strengthens the surface
• has very good application properties dries and repaints quickly has a stable quality.

What is velatura?

Velatura is the substrate of varnishes applied to wooden surfaces. The basic requirements for a very good Velatura are to have:
• high coverage very good application properties
• fast drying, easy to rub
• not contain lead and chromium

What is the correct preparation of the surface to be painted?

The surface must be clean, free of dirt, mold, grease, etc., and completely dry.
When it comes to repainting, the surface should be free of any loose or loosely bonded materials and generally those areas where the old paint has lost its adhesion to the substrate should be removed.
Surfaces that are smooth or glossy should be sanded in order to roughen or “break” their gloss. This way we achieve the best adhesion of the paint on them.
All surfaces to be painted must be primed with the appropriate primer recommended in each case.


The efficiency of the primer (for masonry) will be as expected and the service life of the painting system will be extended when the primer penetrates the wall and does not form a crust on its surface. This is achieved by the correct dilution suggested on the package, depending on the porosity of the surface.
Read the basic list of tasks for painting the walls , to be fully prepared for the whole process!

What application tools do I need to paint?

The tools (roller, brush) must be clean and not damaged by old use or multiple uses in the past.
Use the appropriate paint tool for any type of surface.

What do I need to know about paint dilutions before painting?

The dilutions of the materials to be applied must be in accordance with the instructions on the packaging of each product.

What are the best environmental conditions for applying a paint?

The ambient temperature at which it is appropriate to apply a paint system on a surface, should not be less than 5o C and should not exceed 35o C
Avoid painting on days when the weather is rainy and the percentage of humidity in the atmosphere is particularly high (greater than 70%).

What do I need to know about solvents before painting?

Use the recommended solvents, which are perfectly compatible with the color, when it comes to solvent paint.

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Gikas roofing in Montclair

What are the 3 most popular types of roofing?

The 3 most popular types of roofing is the pitched roof, quadruple roof and single pitched roof. Roofs can have one or more levels to the vertical sides of buildings, remember that they must always be sloping. The levels must protrude from the outer vertical surface of the perimeter walls and form what we call frames, so that the rainwater flows to the ground and of course away from the masonry of the building. The levels that shape the roof are arranged in different ways, but mainly depending on the shape of the floor plan of our building. This is a basic choice that directly affects the functionality and aesthetics of the building and its budget.

What is a roof?

When we refer to the roofs we mean roofing constructions, they are made of sloping levels so that it is possible to quickly remove rainwater and especially snow and of course they must be constructed evenly so as to reduce the risks of water passing, or humidity, noise etc.

In general, by the general title roof we do not mean only the load-bearing structures of the sloping roofs of the buildings, but also their waterproof coatings, as the main material is usually the tiles, other materials are concrete slabs, metal sheets or even other materials.

Wooden tiled roof

Usually the wooden roof is used when the owners want to “take out” an attic or it is generally used for design and construction convenience. The roof of your home is a key part of your home providing protection from rain, snow, sleet, hail, and sunlight and heat. Do this completely, the roof must be tightly sealed against water and weather conditions in Montclair.

Roofs need to be hard and durable, but they need to be flexible enough to handle all kinds of weather and any factors that come up above the location of your home. It is ideal that the roof is fireproof. There are many types of roofing, varying in design, materials used and more. Typically, a roof consists of the roofing material used for the main roof, the frame where the will is attached, and other aspects and components. Constructing or repairing a roof can be very simple or a very complex task, it will depend on the design and finish of your roof.

What is the angle of inclination of a roof? That when a roof has an inclination of 20% when the angle formed by its inclined planes with the horizontal plane has a tangent of 0,2, that is, it is equal to the acute angle of a right triangle, the opposite side of which will be 0,2 on the other vertical side.

Tiled roof, what is it?

What does it consist of and what is the construction of a tiled roof? On the roofs the load-bearing structure consists of trusses, i.e mesh beams of suitable shape, which are placed parallel and form a grate. On the main grate, i.e on the sloping sides of the trusses, are placed simple wooden beams (rafters), which sometimes with other perpendiculars to the previous ones (rafters) form a grate with smaller openings. Where ridge lines (grooves) or groove lines are formed (grooves or derides), the basic trusses of the roof are combined with semi-mixed or false-jointed or replaced by them.

It is usually a sloping roof of buildings made of a wooden base on which the tiles are placed. Covering the roof with a tiled roof has been a traditional way of covering for centuries. The tile as a material has many advantages, it is impermeable to water but at the same time it is breathable, it is non-combustible and has a large capacity of radiation and external temperature.

Most houses in the high-altitude areas, where it usually snows in winter, are covered with a tiled roof, the sloping roof helps to remove the snow and to insulate the building. Tile roofs are found mainly in detached houses or small buildings, and it also stands out in terms of construction in gabled, single glazed. etc.

Tile roof insulation, what should we look out for?

Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. Works either above or below polystyrene insulation. It goes without saying that the more correctly placed, the more it will protect our roof. It can and must be completely laid on the outside, i.e on top of all the wood, in this way we will have complete protection of the wood.

Thermal insulation and ventilation of the tiled roof, what should we pay attention to? Ventilation of the entire structure must be ensured. Although polystyrene is unaffected by water vapor, however the elements of the wooden construction can corrode in case of poor insulation. The membrane has a water vapor permeability coefficient <0.1m allowing the water vapor to pass unimpeded through it, almost as if it were not present.

How should the film be placed?

The membrane always extends from the right to the left, always from the bottom up and of course parallel to the top. The printed marks of the company we have chosen as a supplier must always be visible. The glossy gray strip that covers the glue for joining the rolls together should always be at the top of each roll. Each subsequent roll must be placed to cover exactly this strip without waves and wrinkles and without of course at this stage to glue the self-adhesive seams.

What is mechanical support?

The mechanical support, the so-called nailing is done at the top and specifically in the zone that will be covered by the self-adhesive strip of the upper membrane. The adhesive strip is therefore always in the lower membrane, the lower membrane, when placed. Next is the top layer of film that presses like a tile on this adhesive zone. No matter how many nails it receives, even if it is removed after the nail, it will heal itself, always remaining tight.

Self-adhesive stapling With the simplest self-adhesive stapling, a breathable but windproof shell is created. So the cold wind can no longer affect the thermal insulation. The difference in wind pressure on the tiled roofs creates a very strong current which, apart from cooling, brings 1000 times more moisture than the outgoing water vapor. In addition, the membrane prevents the accumulation of dust brought by the wind.

What is the Safety Ventilation Zone?

If conventional thermal insulation materials are used, e.g. slabs of polyurethane, stone wool, polystyrene, etc., which are all vulnerable, in such constructions we take care of a 2nd zone (shell) of ventilation internally so that any internal water vapor condensation evaporates behind the dam.

How is typical roofing construction done?

  • Visible or blind.
  • The roof is lined with robotic pine boards with a cross section of 14-28 mm.
  • Roofing pole is made of solid or glued wood (the cross section is proportional to the loads of the roof).
  • The roof is finished with beams or blinds.
  • Pine roofing 16mm, impregnated (Alternatively 12mm or 18mm).
  • Membrane – water vapor barrier.
  • Styrofoam 50mm.
  • Stone wool.
  • Windproof membrane.
  • Scratching with logs 60 x 40 mm.
  • Greek or Roman type tiles (Swedish type alternatives).
  • Roof window (if required).

What should you pay attention to and demand in the restoration or in the construction of a new roofing?

The right substrates in 3 general categories:

  1. The continuous (sliced) substrates: e.g. from OSB panels, plywood or rabotwood.
  2. Discontinuous substrates: scissors or payers.
  3. Thermal insulation panels.

Other additional film selection criteria:

  1. Is the roof warm or cold?
  2.  Is the roof ventilated or non-ventilated? Remember that when we say ventilation we refer to the gap between the membrane and the thermal insulation layer.
  3. The slope of the roof. The smaller the slope, the more functional and efficient the membrane should be.
  4. The type of overlay element. For example, when we have bituminous tiles, the far better choice is an SBS, self-adhesive, elastomeric, bituminous film.
  5. New roofing construction or restoration? The choice is yours.
  6. The distance between the scissors. Affects the mechanical properties of the membrane. In some countries the membranes have to go through the so-called “steptest”. The membrane must hold the weight of the craftsman if it accidentally presses between the scissors.
  7. Can the tile roof be used on laminated substrates? Or is it prone to the “tent phenomenon”.
  8. Resistance to water penetration. To which of the three classes does the membrane belong?
  9. UV resistance. For how many months can the film remain in the sun without being irreparably damaged?
  10. Is the membrane expandingly stable? This has e.g. to do with the behavior of the membrane around the support nail.
  11. Flexibility in the cold. Critical parameter for areas with low temperatures.
  12. Resistance to high temperatures. Extremely critical in cases of insufficient ventilation and hot climates.
  13. Mechanical strengths of the membrane. As e.g. tensile strength, tear resistance around the nail, etc. Critical parameter in areas with strong winds.
  14. Anti-slip. Safety when the film is placed on laminated substrates.
  15. Combination of the tiled roof membrane with a reflective barrier.
  16. Membrane behavior in case of fire.
  17. Smells. Many membranes emit unpleasant odors especially in case of high temperatures.
  18. Can the membrane be food for rodents?
  19. Durability over time. What is the average expected functional life of the membrane?
  20. Repairability. How easy is it to repair the membrane in case of injury?
  21. Noise due to air. Many membranes are made in such a way that in case of strong wind they produce very annoying noises.
  22. Physical characteristics such as weight / m2, thickness, roll dimensions.
  23. Vapor permeability.

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How much sex is enough sex after all?

How much sex is enough sex after all?

Engaged and unattached, at some point in their lives they will wonder: “How much sex is enough sex?”. Is there finally this magic number and if so, what does it depend on? When is the best age to have sex and is there an end to our libido? Sit back and keep reading. Tons and tons of ink have been spilled on the sex chapter and human sexuality. Sexual health, just like physical and mental health, is an area that every woman and man at any age should learn to care for.

The Athens Escorts is here to help you and give you the right answers for this common question.

Sex depending on age

A study by the Kinsey Institute suggests that age can reliably predict how often a person has sex. Specifically, the team behind the study found that people between the ages of 18 and 29 have the most sex, with an average of 112 sex acts per year (which translates to about twice a week). People between the ages of 30 and 39 have sex 1.6 times a week (or 86 times a year). People between the ages of 40 and 49 have sex about 69 times a year.

Analyzing the possible reasons behind the decrease in frequency as people get older, the researchers cite as key factors the increasing obligations in the daily life of adults, combined with the increasing levels of stress. Chronic health problems can also affect both the frequency and quality of sexual intercourse.

“The main observation from this study is that as we get older, the chances of developing chronic health conditions increase and this, in turn, negatively affects the frequency and quality of our sexual activity,” writes Dr. Justin Lehmiller in a related post on the Kinsey Institute website.

According to the same study, marriage also plays a big role in the frequency of sex: 34% of married couples have sex two to three times a week. 45% have sex a few times a month and 13% only have sex a few times a year.

Sexual acne in men and women

Corresponding scientific studies have shown that a woman’s sexual climax comes at an older age compared to a man, when she has better learned her body and knows what she wants and how to claim it, in her sex life. On the other hand, men at a young age, have the advantage of elevated erotic mood, but also physical endurance.

Although every man’s libido is affected by a number of factors, such as his professional and personal life, but also the degree of satisfaction of his love affairs, in general their best phase – sexually – go through both men and women, after 25 and up to 35.

The maturity that characterizes this age, but also the previous sexual experiences, in combination with the young age, work favorably, so that both sexes know what they want, but also what their partner wants in love, while at the same time enjoying still sex without getting bored. Also, especially men, as they approach the age of 30, gain more sexual self-confidence, which works to the advantage of both themselves and their partner.

Sexual acne in men and women

Corresponding scientific studies have shown that a woman’s sexual climax comes at an older age compared to a man, when she has better learned her body and knows what she wants and how to claim it, in her sex life. On the other hand, men at a young age, have the advantage of elevated erotic mood, but also physical endurance.

Although every man’s libido is affected by a number of factors, such as his professional and personal life, but also the degree of satisfaction of his love affairs, in general their best phase – sexually – go through both men and women, after 25 and up to 35.

The maturity that characterizes this age, but also the previous sexual experiences, in combination with the young age, work favorably, so that both sexes know what they want, but also what their partner wants in love, while at the same time enjoying still sex without getting bored. Also, especially men, as they approach the age of 30, gain more sexual self-confidence, which works to the advantage of both themselves and their partner.

Sex in the fourth age

It is no coincidence that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers sex to be the fourth of the five health indicators that signal a good quality of life. Sleep is the first, followed by diet, exercise, sex and emotional fullness. In fact, it is worth emphasizing that maintaining a sex life accounts for 45% of a good quality of life. Today, it has been proven by many scientific studies that a person up to 80 years old has sexual desire, which is why the WHO is already talking about the fourth age that begins after 80 years.


How to keep flowers in a vase for more days

How to keep flowers in a vase for more days

Most of us dream of a garden with blooming flowers all year round and we want to enjoy wonderful colors and aroma of flowers everywhere, even in the house!

A practical way to transfer all this beauty into our home is the flowers we decorate in a vase . And while they grow and bloom in our garden, we take care of them to have the best aesthetic result, sometimes after we cut them and place them in a vase, they quickly lose the freshness and vibrancy of their colors.

The flower shopLAURA SPRING FLOWERS, LAURETA S. DOGA” in the center of Athens you will find fresh seasonal flowers, compositions, bouquets, plants, wedding and baptisms decorations, as well as various proposals at the best market prices!

Let’s see what steps we follow and in what ways we can keep the flowers in a vase for a longer period of time, so that we can enjoy their wonderful flowering and aroma more.

How can we keep the flowers in a vase for more days?

  • It all starts with the cut. The best time to cut the flowers that we will decorate in a vase is early in the morning. This way we ensure that our flowers are cooler and full of fragrance.
  • Cut them sideways, at a distance of about two centimetres above the base of the flowering stem, so that they can absorb more water.
  • It is important to cut the flowers in a basin of water so that our flowers come in contact with the air as little as possible.
  • Remove the lower leaves of the flowering shoots, as well as withered flowers so that they do not fall into the water and rot.
  • We clean our jar using a little bleach for disinfection from fungi and germs.
  • Be careful not to place more flowers in the vase than it can hold, because in this way we damage the shoots and stems of the plants.
  • Avoid large amounts of water in the vase for certain flowers, such as gerberas that have small hairs on their stem, as they rot quickly.
  • Change the water every 3 days and cut the flowers again one centimetre above the previous incision.
  • Place the vase with the flowers in a bright place and make sure that the sun does not hit them directly.
  • We keep the vase away from radiators and fireplaces as well as from air currents, because our flowers suffer and wither faster.

7 Professional tricks to keep your flowers more long fresh

It is a very nice thing to have our house full of flowers, especially now that Spring is slowly coming. The flowers give life and color to a space and can be kept longer by following one of the following 7 tips.


Put 1/4 cup soda in a jar with water and flowers. Soda will help the flowers last longer. If you want the water to stay clean use Sprite or 7-Up.


To keep the flowers fresh for a long time, it is enough to somehow kill the bacteria that grow in the vase and lead them to ‘death’. Make an antibacterial with a few drops of vodka and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Be sure to change the water day after day by renewing the vodka-sugar mixture.


Hairspray is a good choice to see your flowers last longer. Spray a good dose of hairspray on the petals and leaves of your flowers and see if they stay fresh for more days.

Apple cider vinegar 

Mix 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons sugar and pour the mixture into the water you put your flowers. Change the water every 2-3 days by adding apple cider vinegar and sugar.


Break an aspirin and throw the crumbs in the jar with the water contained in your flowers. Be sure to change the water every 2-3 days.


Copper helps keep flowers fresh longer. Throw a copper coin into the jar along with a sugar cube. Copper will prevent the formation of bacteria.


Make a mixture consisting of 3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. When filling the jar, make sure it has water up to 7-10 cm from the bottom. Sugar nourishes plants, while vinegar inhibits the growth of bacteria. You will be amazed at how fresh your flowers will look for a long time.

Flower compositions and bouquets

We, at Laura Flowers know that creating a composition, bouquet or any product is a matter of experience and attention to detail. For this very reason, every gift is prepared by our experienced florists and delivered on time, even the same day, beautifully and neatly, without the slightest risk of the flowers being damaged or withered during transport.

In our shop you will find fresh seasonal flowers, compositions, bouquets, plants, wedding and baptisms decorations, as well as various proposals at the best market prices!

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Montclair home painting

Home painting: How to choose the right color for the living room

Perhaps the most demanding step in painting a house is to choose the right color for each room. What color matches your furniture? How will it look on the wall? Will it be bright or hazy? These and other questions are just the beginning. If, in fact, you open the list of colors, most likely you will panic more, since the shades are literally thousands. Do not panic! There are ways to solve which color is ideal for your living room, without having to try all the colors on the walls.

Montclair Painting offers a wide array of home painting solutions to restore, refresh, or renovate your interior and exterior home. The highly trained painters can provide painting services for your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, attics, entryways and many other areas. Let’s see the process for home painting below.

Get inspired by magazines

There are lucky ones who know in advance what color they want to paint their space. Most of us, however, are somewhat lost in the beginning and do not know where to start.

The solution is to start looking at professional photos from decorating magazines. There you will get a first idea of ​​how the colors look on the walls, how they tie in with the furniture and how they contrast.

Thus, you will be able to come up with some basic compositions depending on the furniture you have, the size of the room, the amount of light, etc.

Watch out for home painting combinations

However, no matter how much you study the magazines, you will not find exactly what you are looking for home painting. No photo will have exactly the same colors of furniture, carpets and decorations as your own one.

So the next step is to study the home painting combinations better. The color wheel shows you which colors are complementary, which are contrasting and which do not match at all.

The rule says that there should be complementary shades in home painting, but at the same time a painting contrast should be achieved that better highlights the decoration.

Choose the shade for home painting

Once you have reached the colors, it is the turn of the choice of painting shade. Whether it will be darker or brighter depends on your taste, the color of the furniture and of course the size of the living room.

In a small living room, it is good to choose lighter painting shades. It is good, however, to have a contrast with your furniture. So, if these are light in color, then you can go for a slightly darker shade. This does not need to be done on all the walls, but it can be done on only one, so that there is contrast and the space does not weigh too much.

How to choose the right color for home painting?

Definitely, the Montclair painter should first paint a small part of the wall, to see how the paint really looks in your space. Are you having a hard time finding the right color for home painting? Ask Montclair painting experts to advise you and suggest original styles that will take off the style of your living room! High-quality paints and industry leading techniques ensure you receive an exceptional finish. The living room of a house needs renewal after one or two years, in order to be transformed into a paradise! Montclair painters  can easily, at the best market price, paint the walls of your house. Trust Montclair Painters in New Jersey and surrounding areas for professional home painting services.

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E-shop hosting: What to look out for and which company to choose

E-shop hosting: What to look out for and which company to choose

Hosting an online store is very important for the subsequent success of your business. A slow web hosting will fill you with frustrated customers who will close your page before they even see a product.

On the contrary, a fast and well-established website will attract dozens of potential customers and if you have the right products it will start selling very soon!

Web hosting is a service that you should take very seriously before buying a package and study some of the following criteria that we will mention.

Choose a reputable, up-gradeable web hosting provider

The right thing – and more economical – is to start with a small hosting package and along the way and when your needs increase, upgrade to something bigger.

However, some providers may not respond to the upgrade you will need either due to lack of resources (e.g they may not have vps hosting or dedicated packages to upgrade from simple shared hosting) or due to lack of know-how.

You should definitely avoid such companies as when your online store grows – and this will definitely happen if you offer something innovative and valuable to your customers – you will not be able to support it in the same company and you will have to move to another web hosting provider. – a laborious process that will cost you time, money and maybe some time in downtime of your store.

Therefore, choose a company that offers upgrade options from the beginning and be able to use them as your business grows.

E-shop construction platform

The platform you will build your online store should be an easy to use one, with an active community and constant upgrades for new features as well as security issues.

Both WordPress and Prestashop software are among the best platforms for building sites and online stores. Both platforms are offered for free and have thousands of modules & plugins both paid and free, to bring your website to your own measures!

Prefer a reliable platform where there are no security vulnerabilities or when they arise it closes immediately with new versions. There are various software for creating a website and e-shop, but they are prone to hacker attacks, as a result of which you risk losing all your work!

Photographing your products

A very important factor in the success of your online store is the photos and the complete description of your products. Once a visitor enters your website, they probably know nothing about you, your company and your products.

With detailed clear, high-resolution photos as well as a detailed description, you can instantly provide it with all the information it needs about your product.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. So what you need to do is bring it as close to the product as possible with amazing photos and a detailed description of what is on offer!

Secure payments & data

Another important issue in online stores is secure payments. Every website should offer its customers a high level of security, especially when accepting credit card payments.

For these transactions you can either make them in-house (and save the card details yourself) or re-direct them to a bank with the corresponding payment module.

We suggest that you simply redirect the transaction to the secure environment of the bank so that you have no responsibility around the transactions, once it leaves your website to go to the bank environment!

However, you should pay special attention to the issue of personal data as well as all the data stored for your customers on your own server. Following the above instructions you can first select the appropriate web hosting provider for your online store and then start building the e-shop through ready-made – and very good – solutions such as WordPress & prestashop.

We suggest you also see the hosting packages of MyIP which is the No. 1 web hosting company in Greece and also offers you the opportunity to start from low and few resources and slowly upgrade your package, as your needs increase!

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